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RV220W - Is it necessary to perform an initialization of each WAN IP on the WAN port before using

I have 5 public, static IP's provided by my ISP. I read on another page that to use the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th IPs, I must first 'register' them by entering them on the WAN page and I must wait until I can successfully PING them from an external network. Then I can set the WAN IP back to the one I want to use to administer the router.

Then I can use those other IP's on the various Access Rules or Port Forwarding pages where there is a spot to enter 'alternate WAN IP address'.

I'm trying to determine if this is true because I'm having a heck of a time getting port forwarding to work. My BIOS is


This should not be necessary. The RV220W should send out the ARP messages for the WAN IP and each configured 1-1 NAT IP address to let the upstream ISP devices know that the RV220W is using those IP addresses. If you are not getting any ECHO Replies from your ping then you may want see if your firewall is blocking the inbound ping request since it is coming from a network IP range other than your local subnet.

Rising star

Hi Charles,

Just to add to Martins comment, I setup a lab simulation,   just to test One to One NAT.

One to One NAT allows port forwarding from the public addresses to private addresses and services.

If that is your intention, why not try One to One NAT and see if you have more success.

In the example below, I setup two web servers at and on the LAN and could access them from public addresses, by going to and respectively  I didn't worry about a specific service, just selected any.  ( bit of a security breach    )

My WAN IP address was mask=,  so I could have setup heaps of One to One NAT entries to different Globally reachable IP addresses.

Just a thought, something to try and  see what you think.

regards Dave


Thank you very much David.

I’ve experimented with this and just did it again and it’s not working for me. It’s making me wonder if the IP address range that my ISP said I have, really exists! I’ll keep trying though.


Hi charles,

I am using the latest and greatest firmware.  I did not try pinging the Global IPs, but i would expect that because I did a 1 to 1 NAT for any serviceeven ICMP requests such as ping  would result in the ping being port forwarded to my webserver on the private side of my RV220W.

I was pleasantly surprised by how easiliy it was configured.  I would think however if you are doing a 1 to 1 NAT any other port forwarding rules would be ingnored... (i hiope that's the case)

regards dave


Thank you for assisting me with this David,

As soon as I turn on One-To-One NATing, my server behind my firewall can no longer get out to the internet. In my case, I set it up as

And as you mentioned, it’s very easy to set up !

But for me, it doesn’t work. Now the public address range is one of 5 public IP’s granted to me by my ISP. So I have the the address just below this assigned to my WAN port. According to all the docs I read, I could have the other 4 assigned to my internal resources used a variety of methods, like DMZ and so on, but one-to-one is exactly what I need.

The other challenge I have is that this one server must communicate only with one other server across a VPN IPSec tunnel. The tunnel is built up, that was easy. I just cannot make this box talk across the tunnel J


Hi Charles,

Hmm wierd .. Check the release notes to see if you are running into a caveat;

But the bottom line is,  if something isn't working according the the administration guide, have a chat to a technician to get the issue resolved. 

You will have to register (online process) to be able to open a case with support.  The process to get a Cisco Connection Online (CCO) ID and support contact phone numbers  can be found in the following URL;

regards Dave


Hey dude, I have another fellow that wants to give it a shot, so I’m going to give him the reigns.