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RV220W just disappears

Hi All,

Having a strange problem that just started this week and got worse this evening. I have a RV220W that is feeding my network. The RV220W sits behind a broadband modem and acts as the DHCP for the network and those computers access the internet that way. Anyway, tonight started an issue where the the RV220W just disappears. Becomes unpingable. I recycle power, and within anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, it's gone. No longer pingable.  Even if I plug a latop directly into it.If I power cycle the RV220W it comes back and I can ping it and access it and its settings. 5 to 10 mins later, I again lose it. Nothing was done. Its been working fine for a few weeks. Had a similar outage last Tuesday, but a recycle of everything brought everything back into line. This time, no luck. After I lose connection to it, the lights I expect to be lit remain lit. I have tried everything I can think of. Any ideas?


What broadband modem do you have?  I suggest taking it out of router mode and turning it into a simple modem.  It is sometimes called bridge mode, but basically it needs to stop acting as a DHCP server, firewall, etc.  Let the RV220W do all of this.  I have experience with several newer broadband modems/routers so let's start with the brand and model.

Back to your original problem.  It seems that both devices are acting as DHCP servers and/or double NAT'ing is going on.  The RV220W in my experience doesn't handle these scenarios very well.