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RV220W losses WAN (FIOS Internet) to LAN bandwidth

I Just got FIOS internet at Home with 43 Mbps down and 32 up (measured speed). I replaced the included router with my old reliable RV042 (V1) VPN router that I used with my old service in NY LI. This has been working very stable for  week or two, but I use my old 042 to remote desktop via VPN from my work, that was limited to maybe 9-10 Mbps (Home to office) way down from the 32 up I have now (the office has 80Mbps down). So I researched that the RV220W had a VPN speed that was much faster and I ordered one that I am trying this weekend.


Out of the box, I plugged accessed and just clone the MAC at the WAN port to match the replaced FIOS router. Power cycle and surprise, no IP from FIOS!. After trying a number of things, I gave up and updated the firmware to the last, and that fixed this. I still need to clone the MAC to void calling Verizon FIOS, but at least I get IPs and Internet with no trouble.

Next, I configured a couple forwards for two web servers. I found about the bug in this same forum and just used the rules instead. Working good so far.

So now I test WAN bandwidths, and I found all kind of trouble. With the old RV042 and similarly to the included Verizon router I can do steadily 43d/32u. Especially at night is quite stable in these numbers. When I went and move the cables to the RV220W (exact same set up) the speed went all over the map from 4d/8u to 43d/25u. If I power cycle the box, things tend to be stable again around 43d/25u. So, after a while being stable in these numbers I start trying things to improve the 25u that should be around 32u, and recover the missing 7 mbps. Not much I can think, so I just randomly enabled the QoS settings trying to reserve full BW for my tests, and I found just that enabling WAN QoS, and nothing else, no profiles or changes in the Priority Settings, I go up to 30u consistently over a number of tests. This do not affect  the down speed that is stable at 43 mbps. The surprising thing, is why this affect to the up speed when nothing else is going on in my network? and also where are the other 2 Mbps to complete the 32 Mbps that I can do with the RV042 (V1) or the cheap included router? In my opinion, if I don't use QoS, I should get full bandwidth to whatever application/computer that requests so, period.

Anything I can do to go around this? Are there other cases of loosing BW?

Now I am going to set the VPN next. Scared I am to whatever I can find!



There could be a number of reasons why your not getting full speed.  compairing routers is hard since they are designed to to the same overall result but have different chipsets and operating systems. is known to have quite a few bugs but overall smallnetbuilder's review showed this router to have the fastest throughout from wan/lan than then rest of the routers they had tested.

firstly i would check all your cables making sure they are CAT5e at least.

Also check power supplies are not crossing over your LAN/WAN cables. interference can happen.

Check you MTU value for the WAN is optimised. >

turn off any feature that is not required ont he router.

and if nothing else comes of it, then restore to factory defaults if you havent already done so and try the tests again.  also when testing speed make sure the download/upload site you are connecting to is not more than a few hops away and do a tracert onto the servers you are testing to see if there is any packet loss.


Regards Simon