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RV220W - multiple issues (NTP, Log, Firewall, DHCP)

Hallo Everyone.

I am opening this discution to understand and resolve the following issues regarding RV220W Router.

Basic info : RV220W initially with firmware, moved back to, issues are still present in both firmware releases.

A - NTP issue: The Router is not aquiring time, either using default NTP servers or using custom NTP Server.

I have restarted the router, enabled/ disabled NTP, enabled/ disabled "Daylight Saving Time"

B - Loging issue: there is always one single line of log in "Status" , logs:

2000-01-01 00:00:18: [rv220w][IKE] INFO:  IKE started

Despite the fact that in "Firewall", IPv4 rules, the LOG is set to "Allways", there are no logs .

I have enabled logs also in "Local Logging Configuration" on both accepted and dropped packets, still no logs anyway.

C - Firewall issues: IPv4 Firewall Rules : in a classic small business Router( RV042, 082), Rules can be moved UP or Down .

In the RV220 router, (more expensive one..) there is no such option.  Also, there si not clear in wich order rules are processed:

Top/ Down ? first allow rules then deny/block rules?

D - DHCP: I have set-up a small DHCP Pool: - (smaller that the initial one)

     First client aquired, second one, third There is any logic in this allocation? I do not find one,

This is my first post in a CISCO Support community, and it is due to a high expectance of a new product and a dissapointment after buying it..





have similar issues with time settings.....

Joergen Thomsen

C: a move up/down facility will be present in a future firmware release. The beta has it.



Thanks. It seems that CISCO does not bother to answer ... Will have to wait untill they decide to make it final, not beta.

And meanwhile, I have a useless router that is sitting in a corner for 3 months already..

I like buying a new car but have to wait for an upgrade to have a reverse gear :-(

I have not had problems with NTP except for the odd daylight savings time problem, but this is also addressed in beta with an option to specify start and end of daylight savings time.

I am really amazed, that Cisco has put their reputation at stake by releasing a router with obvious beta quality firmware.

I have even faxed a letter to Cisco Chairman & CEO John Chambers and asked him to investigate, what is going on in the Small Business Department, but of course he has not bothered to respond, nor just ask his secretary to acknowledge the reception of this letter.

Unfortunately this router is currently one of the best in the market for our company.

If only it was functioning !

so then lucky you joergen...  think you dont life in the GMT +1 CET zone..!?

fact is its not working.

hope that they not just adding start and end of daylight.... the malfunction with the timezone and the following problems with time enabled functions like wifi and at least for logging hurts too...

Well,  actually I do live in the CET zone

However, I just read, that Cisco is going to layoff 10,000 out of 70,000 employees, so maybe its better to proceed with my refund option and repurchase this unit, when new firmware actually is released.

Hi Folks,

Regarding these issues, please call the Small Business Support Center at 866-606-1866 an open a Service Request. Once the Service Request has been opened, please ask the support engineer to escalate the SR to Level 2 so they can engage engineering & development teams.

It has already been done, but after throwing a beta version of the software after you, nothing happens.

I have spent several hours documenting the problems and supplied this to Cisco support, but it is just like a black hole.

No feedback.

Mr. Thomsen,

Hi, My name is Eric Moyers. I am a Network Support Engineer in the Cisco Small Business Support Center.

First I want to apologize that you have not gotten the the proper support that all Cisco customers deserve.

Would you supply me with the case number that you have from working with the engineer. I want to follow-up on your case and ensure that it gets into the right hands. If you do not remember the case number if you supply me with your Cisco User ID or even send me a copy of your notes, I can work to get this information to the right people.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do in the meantime. I promise I will work to restore your faith in Cisco and its products.

Eric Moyers
Cisco Network Support Engineer
CCNA, CCNA-Wireless

The case number is 618111043 and to do Cisco support justice, I will add, that it is better than that of  those other router manufacturers (3) we have done business with. This is why I still haven't executed my allowed refund option.

However, there is still room for improvement (currently no response for 6 days). A polite "we do care" attitude needs to be backed up by a more substantial content. Testing at no cost by skilled customers should be considered a valuable asset.

As for our main problem of no routing of IP protocol 41 packets (6in4 IPv6) Cisco has just published a fix

which has made the router usable in our current environment, so this case may be considered closed once the finalized firmware has been released. Running production on beta firmware is a bit risky.

Now I only hope, that this fix will be turned into a real solid solution, and that when we proceed to using SNMP and VPN, we will not encounter similar show stoppers.

Sir, Thank you for this information. I will look in to this and report back with any information that I find.

I do agree, we (Cicso) should continue to provide action to our words. I will will agree 100% that skilled customers can be and have been valuable assets to Cisco now and in the past.

Thank you for your patience while I check into this and see what I can find.

Eric Moyers

Dear mr Moyers,

First, thanks for trying to support us.

I do not live in america , and I am not sure that calling from Romania to a phone in USA will be free.

In those conditions, I cannot call CISCO , so I do not get any case number.

In my particular sittuation, I believe that using a beta firmware coud be an option, given the fact that the router is , for three month already, unused in a corner.

So, to be short: there are ways to have, by request, acces to beta firmware, meanwhile?

At least untill a stable final release is developped?

Regards !

Alexandru B

Mr. Balmus,

That is fine, we have a Cisco Support Center in Sophia Bulgaria. Please call # 00800 1184400. Once you do this, reference this Community Post and show them where my colleague Mr. Delano asked to have the cases with these issues escalated. At that point, you should be escalated and a Level 2 support engineer should contact you and work with you in getting the beta firmware.

If you have any problems whatsoever, please let me know through here and I will work to get you connected to the right people. But the first and most important part is to get a case created for you so that your issue can be documented tracked through our system.


Eric Moyers

Dear mr. Moyers,

I did not get in touch, because I have no clear information regarding the exact European Supp Center phone number and phone costs for the call.

If you can provide me this details, it would be helpfull.