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RV220W - multiple issues (NTP, Log, Firewall, DHCP)

Hallo Everyone.

I am opening this discution to understand and resolve the following issues regarding RV220W Router.

Basic info : RV220W initially with firmware, moved back to, issues are still present in both firmware releases.

A - NTP issue: The Router is not aquiring time, either using default NTP servers or using custom NTP Server.

I have restarted the router, enabled/ disabled NTP, enabled/ disabled "Daylight Saving Time"

B - Loging issue: there is always one single line of log in "Status" , logs:

2000-01-01 00:00:18: [rv220w][IKE] INFO:  IKE started

Despite the fact that in "Firewall", IPv4 rules, the LOG is set to "Allways", there are no logs .

I have enabled logs also in "Local Logging Configuration" on both accepted and dropped packets, still no logs anyway.

C - Firewall issues: IPv4 Firewall Rules : in a classic small business Router( RV042, 082), Rules can be moved UP or Down .

In the RV220 router, (more expensive one..) there is no such option.  Also, there si not clear in wich order rules are processed:

Top/ Down ? first allow rules then deny/block rules?

D - DHCP: I have set-up a small DHCP Pool: - (smaller that the initial one)

     First client aquired, second one, third There is any logic in this allocation? I do not find one,

This is my first post in a CISCO Support community, and it is due to a high expectance of a new product and a dissapointment after buying it..




Mr. Balmus, were you able to get in touch with our European Support Center? Is there anything that you need, or anything I can further assist you with.

Eric Moyers

Mr. Thomsen,

I am now the owner of your case. I have looked at all of the fornesics that you were able to supply and I am sure that it has been most invaluable. I will be discussing this with our Escalation Support Engineers and trying to find out a timeframe for the beta firmware to go "Live".

Thank you so much for your patience and your loyalty to Cisco.

Eric Moyers

For what it is worth.

Currently extensive logging to our syslog at a server is enabled, and we see bursts of these (both before and after reboot) with 8-15 minutes interval.

Jul 15 22:14:36 rv220w KERNEL [Kernel] Dead loop on virtual device sit0, fix it urgently!

Jul 15 22:14:41 rv220w KERNEL [Kernel] Dead loop on virtual device sit0, fix it urgently!

What is really needed is a bug reporting system, so that reporting is not something done in a forum like this or in a hidden support case.

Just have a look at e.g. or

Everybody knows, that software has bugs, so better be open about it in a systematic way and get the customers involved in both reporting bugs and solving them.

Both Cisco and the customers will benefit from it.

Also where do observations like the log entries I quoted, get sent, so that somebody actually will handle them ?

Hello Mr. Thomsen, I hope you had a good weekend. Thank you for this information. Currently the only thing that I am aware of is document information like this in cases so that they can be tracked. I am attaching this to your case and making sure that it is in our system.

I do know that one of the factors that dictates which products are improved or updated, is opened cases. That is why you hear me and my fellow engineers always saying, "Lets get a case opened for this."  The more opened case, the bigger the red flag.

Being one of the Subject Matter Experts here in the support center, I do also have some contacts within the Business Unit. As well as documenting your info in your case, I am sending copies up to some of the people in the Business Unit and Developers.

Eric Moyers