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RV220W Port VLANS - missing feature in newer firmware

Can someone explain what happened to this this feature. From an older manual it describes how to configure this. I installed the oldest firmware available for download and this feature is there. Was this just simply moved somewhere else in the newer firmware?

Configuring Port VLANs

You can associate VLANS on the Cisco RV220W to the LAN ports on the device.

By default, all 4 ports belong to VLAN1. You can edit these ports to associate them

with other VLANS.

To associate a LAN port to a VLAN:

STEP 1 Choose Networking > LAN > Port VLAN.

STEP 2 In the Port VLANs Table, check the box in the row of the LAN port that you want to

configure and press Edit.

STEP 3 Select the mode for the VLAN port:

• Access (default)—In access mode, the port is a member of a single VLAN.

All data going into and out of the port is untagged.

• General—In general mode, the port is a member of a user-defined set of

VLANs. The port sends and receives both tagged and untagged data.

Untagged data coming into the port is assigned to a PVID by the user. Data

being sent out of the port from the same PVID is untagged. All other data is


This mode is typically used with IP phones that have dual Ethernet ports.

Data coming from the phone to the LAN port on the Cisco RV220W is

tagged. Data passing through the phone from a connected device is


• Trunk—In trunk mode, the port is a member of a user-defined set of VLANs.

All data going into and out of the port is tagged. Untagged data coming into

the port is not forwarded.

STEP 4 If you selected Access or General mode, enter the default Port VLAN ID (PVID).

This ID is used to tag untagged packets that come into the port.

STEP 5 To assign the port to a VLAN, check the box for each VLAN that you want this port

to join. The list of available VLANs is created in the VLAN Configuration page. (See

“Creating a VLAN” on page 40.)

STEP 6 Click Save.



To find and configure VLAN’s on the RV220:

Networking-->  LAN--> VLAN Membership

From there click on Add Row and configure your VLAN to port.  If you have any questions let me know.

Thank you,

Jason Nickle


So how do I set Trunk mode for lets say Port 2?