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RV220W rebooting at random intervals


Over the past few weeks, our RV220W router has been experiencing random reboots throughout the day, causing a network outage for our local network for the few minutes it takes for the router to start up again. We've seen it reboot at least 5 today alone (and the time is currently just a little over 1pm).

I'm having trouble finding the reason for these reboots in the router's logs, although I find these two lines repeating in the error log:

Mon Jan 28 13:20:52 2013(GMT+0100) [rv220w][System][EVTDSPTCH] umiIoctl (18, UMI_CMD_DB_UPDATE(4)) failed. table=dot11STA row=11

Mon Jan 28 13:20:52 2013(GMT+0100) [rv220w][System][PLATFORM] /pfrm2.0/bin/bwLimitConfig /tmp/system.db 18 dot11STA 11 failed. status=-1

I'm not sure why these messages pop up, since we're not using the bandwidth limiter module of the router (granted, we do use QoS profiles to ensure our own LAN is prioritized over the guest VLAN). I'm also not sure whether this is related to the router reboots.

I also find the following repeated line in the warning log:

Mon Jan 28 12:50:50 2013(GMT+0100) [rv220w][Kernel][KERNEL] ERROR:endChantRecv: protocol PNAC returned !OK

The router is currently running on firmware version (latest official release), since we needed support for hairpin connections (as I found out in Public IP used internally on RV220W). I've seen the suggestion of downgrading to a previous firmware version in RV220W random reboots, which has possibly solved it for the poster in that thread, but as we really need the hairpinning support, I don't know which firmware version is safe enough to downgrade it to, if needed.

Any suggestions, either for a solution or what else to look for?



I contacted support and after a good chat they sent me authorisation to an unreleased FW

Device Information

Firmware Version

Resource Utilization

CPU        .99 %

Memory        48.500 % (62.08/128 MB)

Current Time        Sat Dec 7 16:33:04 GMT 2013

System Up Time        12 days, 7 hours, 20 minutes, 13 seconds

I did nothing but upgrade to this firmware and as you can see it's now been up for over 12 days.

There is hope :-) I just wonder why this FW hasn't been released.


Sounds very promising. Could you send me the firmware file so I can try it as well? etoile2003 at

I have the same request, please. My mail il



I would like to know, when wil be this FW ( officially released?

Becouse with FW1.0.4.17 is this device absolutely unusable. My sad record is 8 random reboots during 3 hours.

With FW is this device much more stabile, but on the other side... rv220w have problem with VLANs. With this FW i couldn't add another VLAN.



Hi everyone

I would pass the firmware on, however I had to sign a non-distribution thing with Cisco.

However, I'm sure the support team will help you out.

Good luck.

I've not been up and running for 15 days and 7 hours.


  this is question for Cisco SB Support team.

   Could you, please, release beta version for download? It does't have to official release, just beta for testing puposes or somethig like that.

  I have 7pcs of RV220W and I can't use it... so I'm really desperate.



The official MR will release soon - but if you need it sooner - please get a support case created.



Will spanning tree settings be included in  I'm trying to replace a WRVS4400N, thanks

Sorry, STP is not supported on the RV220W Steven.



Who can sharing firmware My device bought 1.5years before. cannot open case or live chat to get this firmware.

CS said out of warranty to close my case.

The official new FW will be out asap for which you can download from the product page.


Hi. I'm wondering how long time asap is. These reboots are driving me crazy. My client is starting to question my skills, and I don't like having unhappy clients...

I would say in the next week Jo.

Happy Holidays