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RV220W - Scheduled Access Rules

I have an RV220W managing my home/home office network. Since it is summer time and my kids have a lot of free time on their hands, I have established some Scheduled Access Rules to regulate their online activities. The rules are set up as scheduled blocks (my basic rule is allow all) and they were created using the schedule manager and the access rules wizard. For some reason that escapes me, the router engages the block just fine. But when the time rolls around to allow access (or I manually disable the rule), nothing changes on the network until I reboot the router. This routine gets old, fast. Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Carlos,

Please refer the given link on Access Rules Configuration

Access Rules Configuration on RV120W and RV220W

Hope this helps,


Naresh Arjunan

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I have read through all of the documentation (print and online) forwards and backwards. Let me reiterate what is happening:

  • I have an RV220W (latest firmware) attached to my Comcast Business Class cable modem.
  • The cable modem is in bridge mode.
  • My default Outbound Policy is ALLOW.
  • I have a set of BLOCK BY SCHEDULE rules for controlling access to Minecraft game servers (port 25565) at three different times a day. Using ALLOW BY SCHEDULE is pointless as the DEFAULT OUTBOUND POLICY overrides this.
  • If I disable one of the rules while it is active, it's deactivation does not take effect unless I reboot the RV220W. If the time schedule lapses, the block is still in force.

That is not the way it is supposed to work.


So.. a 2 year old Post, and "Unanswered Question".

This post was one of the top links in response to my google search for "Scheduled Access RV220".

I am looking to do exactly as the OP is trying to do, and getting the same results.  This simply is not working.

Can anyone give evidence of a different result when trying to get this to work on an RV220W?

Can anyone further this thread by providing prescriptive guidance to set scheduled access to host/hosts on a network ? or should I be asking the community for advice for replacements for this unit, to achieve the desired outcomes?