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[RV220W] Setup as VPN Server behind a NAT firewall

Hello Cisco Community,

I support some friends of mine who run their own small but growing law firm, I manage their IT needs. They moved in to a new office where they have access to a internet link. This internet link is a business DSL link with static official IP (217.x.x.x) and terminates on a FRITZBox owned and provided by their landlord.

My friends asked me if it be possible to have a client-to-side VPN to their office, as one of them travels a lot and needs to keep up business while abroad. So I advised them to buy a Cisco RV220W router, that I plan to setup as a VPN server for them to access their internal ressources. The maximum number of QuickVPN, SSLVPN or IPSEC connections that comes out of the box is sufficiant in any case.

So my challenge is to setup a VPN server on the RV220W that has a internal IP adress of 192.168.178.x. In theory, my plan is to setup a QuickVPN tunnel on the RV220W, install the client software on my friends laptop and tell him to connect to the official IP. I have followed the manual to enable remote management, add the users with QuickVPN capabilities and then install some port forwardings in the FRITZBox. I forwarded tcp_443 an tcp_60443 to the private IP address of the RV 220W. The whole setup looks like this:

VPN client computer <----> Internet <--(217.x.x.x)--> FRITZBox <--(> RV220W <---> internal LAN

Testing QuickVPN shows that the QuickVPN tunnel from the client gets setup, setup passes all phases, but then fails the ping test. I have already enabled ICMP protocol on the client computers firewall, but no success.

Am I missing a port forwarding? Is there another port QuickVPN uses? Can this setup work at all? I'm - at least a bit - at my wit's end, and asking you for help. Can you give me some hints for my task?

Kind regards,