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RV220W - too many bugs and no firmware update for 1 year

Hi all,

I am working for an IT service provider and I have bought an RV220W router for internal use. Later I planned to recommend this product to our customers, but with firmware version it has many (too many...) bugs.

Here is what I´ve found until now:

- NTP is not working properly. At the beginning, the time and date settings have to be configured manually and then you can switch over to NTP. Otherwise time/date is not updated by NTP servers.

- Firewall Logging issues. I really can´t find the logs for dropped / allowed packets. I turned on logging under Administration --> Logging --> Firewall Logs and looked at Status --> View Logs --> Severity Debugging . But there is nothing Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong?

- Reorder of access rules is not working properly. Rules can only be reordered within one page, e.g. rule 12 on page 2 should be moved to number 5 on page 1. This results in an error message: "Invalid Position Please enter a value between 11 - 12". What can I do without deleting all rules in between and adding them in the proper order? Another thing: When rules are reordered, the new order is only displayed in "reorder" view, but not in the "Access Rule Table". Which order does the router use at the end?

I really would be glad about any hint to solve these issues! When can we expect to get the next firmware update? The router is quite useless until now...

Thanks a lot and best regards


cindy toy
Rising star

Hi Sonja,

I suggest calling the Cisco Small Business Support Center or do an online chat with a Cisco Small Business Support Center Engineer for help.

The phone numbers in your area are located here and to do an online chat with a Small Business Support Engineer go here.


Cindy Toy
Cisco Small Business Community Manager
for Cisco Small Business Products
twitter: CiscoSBsupport

Regards, Cindy If my response answered your question, please mark the response as answered. Thank you!

.. and every one of us needs to call this Center ..

Do you realize how many are owners/users of RV220W?



Hi all,

@Cindy: Well, I will contact your Support Center (I am currently very busy), but I hoped to find someone who had the same issues and has already contacted the Support Team.

@Thomas: Thanks, that´s what I thought, too


Hello all,

here is the end of the story: Cisco Support Center asked me to do a reset to factory (result: same issues as before) and suggested to send the device back to Cisco.


Servaas te Brake

Somehow my rv220W rebooted 3 times today... Why?, I don't know, the logs are useless as no usefull information is being logged.

The last update to this router is more than a year ago and still there are lots of bugs...

I'm going to replace it with a Draytek 2925 when the wireless version gets available. My experience with Draytek is way better than what Cisco offers.

My conclusion after about 1.5 years of my Cisco RV220W:

I will never buy Cisco Small Business stuff again and also will advise against it to anyone asking. The products are released to early, full with bugs and the support stops way to soon...


I have not only the same bugs. My rv220w sometimes reboot itself, lost packets. I tryed to fix this issue, but have no result. As for me, I wouldn't buy Cisco SB products anymore.

Servaas te Brake

Just rebooted the router...

The reason?

excessive logging resulting in a logfile larger than 1 Gigabyte within 2 days....

message that gets logged around 20 times per second (before the reboot):

Sep  2 14:25:50 router LOGGING [System] sqlite3QueryResGet failed

some more very frequent lines in the logfile:

Sep 2 14:25:17 router KERNEL [Kernel] WARNING:cvmx_ptr_to_phys() passed a NULL pointer

Sep  2 14:25:17 router KERNEL [Kernel] cvm_ipfwd_cache_flow: Failed to allocate flow info buffer

I have the same lines in logfile when logging is active. But when logging is disabled and all logging policies are removed, problem still actual. What I'm doing wrong?

This product is really disappointing, i used to have the WRVS4400N router before, with many bugs.I thought that this version of router would have solved all the bugs from the predecessor, but nothing. The features are really not working well and I have to manually reboot the router everyday, because it hangs!! My logs i don't have to post anymore, because i find so many entries here in this forum with the same log errors / warnings...

Does anyone from Cisco read / listen to the customers?

Сonsidering that to many time was left, I don't think, that Cisco are interested to fix this issue((

To bad for so big and popular company.

Hello Eugene,

We are sorry to hear that you are facing issues with the RV220W router. Could you please reach out to Cisco SBSC and open a Service Request? One of our Engineers will be able to work with you to identify the root cause for the failure and provide a possible resolution that addresses the issue.



Hello Simon,

Can you please elaborate on which features not working? Also for the hang issue, can you please contact Cisco SBSC and open a Service Request? One of our Engineers will be able to work with you to identify the root cause and resolve the issue.



Do you guys ever read the releasenotes you create. (hint: check the "known issues" part)

And on top of that:

The logging the RV220W produces is useless.

The  logs are flooded with messages about null pointer references and sqlite  errors which shouldn't happen at all... Fix the bugs causing them...

Opened a case for my router hang.

One feature which is useless is the turn off WLAN scheduler! But should be probably discussed here: