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RV220W - too many bugs and no firmware update for 1 year

Hi all,

I am working for an IT service provider and I have bought an RV220W router for internal use. Later I planned to recommend this product to our customers, but with firmware version it has many (too many...) bugs.

Here is what I´ve found until now:

- NTP is not working properly. At the beginning, the time and date settings have to be configured manually and then you can switch over to NTP. Otherwise time/date is not updated by NTP servers.

- Firewall Logging issues. I really can´t find the logs for dropped / allowed packets. I turned on logging under Administration --> Logging --> Firewall Logs and looked at Status --> View Logs --> Severity Debugging . But there is nothing Does anybody have an idea what could be wrong?

- Reorder of access rules is not working properly. Rules can only be reordered within one page, e.g. rule 12 on page 2 should be moved to number 5 on page 1. This results in an error message: "Invalid Position Please enter a value between 11 - 12". What can I do without deleting all rules in between and adding them in the proper order? Another thing: When rules are reordered, the new order is only displayed in "reorder" view, but not in the "Access Rule Table". Which order does the router use at the end?

I really would be glad about any hint to solve these issues! When can we expect to get the next firmware update? The router is quite useless until now...

Thanks a lot and best regards




I contacted support and after a good chat they sent me authorisation to an unreleased FW

Device Information

Firmware Version

Resource Utilization

CPU        .99 %

Memory        48.500 % (62.08/128 MB)

Current Time        Sat Dec 7 16:33:04 GMT 2013

System Up Time        12 days, 7 hours, 20 minutes, 13 seconds

I did nothing but upgrade to this firmware and as you can see it's now been up for over 12 days.

There is hope :-) I just wonder why this FW hasn't been released.