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Ronald Sullivan

RV220W UPnP does not work

I have been unable to get the UPnP function to operate on this router. Box has been checked and saved several times with no results. Ports cannot be opened maunally as well. I have been through every page looking for something that was missed, along with the sparse documentation instructions to no avail.

UPnP and port forwarding worked fine on the residental E3000 router that this replaced. I thought this was an upgrade, but it is seeming like a downgrade now.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks



Hello Ron

Are you using the latest firmware? If so, there is currently an issue with the port forwarding, which is resolved with a work around.

Do not use the Firewall > Port Forwarding page, but instead create the forwarding rule by using the Firewall > Access Rules page. The working port forwarding entry is created along with the firewall access rule.

I hope this helps with the problem you are having.

I am using the latest firmware, and have done a hard reset after installation. Just to verify, form which "direction" do you view when setting up the access rules. Is it as seen from the secure LAN looking out, or from the WAN looking in? Just want to make sure I am not backwards on my logic here. Why is the UPnP not taking care of things? Is that a seperate issue with this firmware as well?

For the port forwarding you will want to have it setup from WAN to LAN. As for the UPnP, I will look into it for you to ensure that it should be working. If I find any information about it, I will make sure to post here for you.

Hello Ron,

If you have not found it yet. The portforwarding is located under Administration > Discovery Protocols > Discovery - UPnP.

You should be able to enable it and verify that it is working by checking the table for open ports.

Hello Bob,

Sorry for the delay in getting back, had other fires to put out.

To answer your reply, yes I have found the location and have checked it and saved the configuration change.

I also have gone to the open port table and watched while enabling a UPnP application, (Tunnelier SSH) on another machine. No signs of any ports opening.

Another note is that I did succeed in getting other ports open in the firewall using the access rules, but only for the pre-configured services. If I add a custom service or port and make an access rule, it does not open. Any ideas what I am missing here?

Thanks for the help.


Post your custom services here as a screen shot. Mine work fine.

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Regards Simon

Got frustrated with the entire thing and left it sit last week. During that time we had a power outage due to electrical storms. Came back to it tonight and it appears it is working fine now. The only thought I have is that after making the changes, the removal of all power somehow served as a reset and applied the setting when the Save command did not.

I will monitor it for a few days and see what happens.

See my recent post regarding Port Forwarding .  .  I also had UPnP issues.  Mine didn't work until I did a power cycle of the router.

I'm starting to wonder if there is a bug in the latest firmware update that requires a power cycle instead of just reboot for certain feature enablements to take effect

That is what I am thinking as well, and it appears that a complete power down is necessary. Under the Status tab the port forwarding shows nothing, but under the Administration tab| Discovery Settings|UPnP it does have listings in the portmap table.

What I do not have yet is any display of log information, even though several items are enabled. Tried several browsers, including Chrome, FireFox and IE8, but they all show blank. Even made sure pop-up blockers were turned off. Any ideas on that item??

I just started playing around with logging yesterday.  I have not had any problems though (using Safari).

What I have found is that the ports "appear" to be opening from the UPnP, but if they were configured in the Custom Services, they will not pass data. Only the pre-configured standard ports allow traffic. These services that are using the ports worked fine with my old E3000 router, and nothing else changed in the network configuration. What is being missed here? The default setting of allow all outbound traffic should do just that. It seems like it is passing inbound data but no outbound. The DNAT setting, would that be the router address of the RV220? That is what I have it set to.

I tested the UPnP from a Windows XP PC using the nice little netcat tool

I created a custom service with port 7777 in the RV220W. From the PC I created a rule to direct port 7777 to port 6666 on the PC and loaded the netcat program:

nc -l -p 6666 -t -e cmd.exe

In the RV220W I verified on the Discovery - UPnP page, that the rule had been created and from the remote server I issued a telnet my-ip-address 7777 and had a command promt on the PC responding to commands.

So it is working fine here with firmware

I did not reboot or power cycle the RV220W, but did experience instances of no rules being displayed, but after disabling / enabling UPnP a couple of times and creating / deleting rules on the PC it eventually all worked out.

It's not working here. It seems flaky because it originally didn't work after a firmware update and factory reset, but then another reboot fixed it, but broke again a month later. Now I can't get it working again no matter what.

Are there known issues with upnp in the RV220W?  I can't get upnp to work 99% of the time.  Actually the only time I can get it to work is if I turn upnp on/off several times.  Once I get it to work (and it works very well when it works) it will immediately stop working again after a reboot.

Cisco Tech Support...  please perform some regression testing on upnp.