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RV220W Wireless Clients Lose Internet Connectivity

I have an RV220W running firmware  I have a couple of wireless laptop users that connect to the wireless without problems, but frequently cannot access the Internet.  They can always access local network resources, but for some reason when laptops are first powered up or are idle for a prolonged period of time, Internet access is lost.  Wired clients never experience this problem and always maintain local network and Internet connectivity.

To get the laptops to access the Internet over wireless, we have to run a TRACERT command from the command prompt to a public IP address, and then all Internet access is restored.

Has anyone else run into anything similar?                  


I get constant disconnects but this is due to the unresolved issue of random reboots.  I moved back to

whats your uptime on the router?

Regards Simon

Regards Simon

Current uptime is over 5 days.  The issue has been seen in the last couple days.  What is strange is that all wired clients never lose any connectivity to the Internet.  One of our main applications is a hosted web based application so all clients are constantly communicating on the Internet, so it would be seen immediately if any of the wired clients were having issues as well.


I've have also run into this problem, I've installed a RV220W at one of our clients and the issue you've described is exactly the same with the one I've installed. Even a firmware update to the latest does not solve this problem. I've tested a few different laptops, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1, the problem remains the same. However, mobile devices are working flawlessly. I've tested a few Android phones, iPhone and an iPad and they keep their wireless connections, even after rebooting.

So, I guess it could be a problem with a Windows setting. If only I could find that setting....


Eureka! I figured it out and found the culprit of the issue with the RV220W router. I've investigated the connections and configuration in the switch and made a remarkable discovery. This client is connected to the internet through Ziggo Zakelijk (large ISP here in the Netherlands), they deliver a cable modem, which is connected to a Juniper router (configured for static IP's). The Juniper was connected to a trunk port in the switch and a second trunk port was connected to the WAN port of the RV220W. A third port had been connected in access mode to a switch port of the router. This sort of worked, but it seems logic to me now that network traffic would somehow not arrive at the place where it should be....

So, I changed some things, I've connected the Juniper straight to the WAN port of the RV220W and connected the switch port of the RV220W to a trunk port of the switch. Problem solved!