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RV320 basic questions


Set up is as follows.

Two Lans, each with their own Internet access.  Each have their own DHCP scope from comcast DLS routers.



I've connected the Comcast router of Lan2 to the Wan1 interface on the RV320.

Port 1 on the RV320 connects to 5 port switch, Port 2 on the RV320 connects to a 5 port switch.  (testing network)

Using Router Mode, I can only ping the IP scope from which the IP is from. No internet access, true for both networks.  They are still isolated.

Switching to Gateway mode, I can ping Comcast router for the Scope the IP is on and I can reach internet but can not ping any IP of the other network.  

Vlan1 is configured to the IP, and Vlan2 is configured to the IP.  In Gateway mode, i can ping each of these IP's from the client PC's on either Network.  However, i can not ping beyond the routers IP.  So from, I can ping both and but not (A static IP on windows client machine)

I've tried Static route  ( from the network but no change.

I've tried Static route  ( from the network but no change.

I know I'm missing something very basic.

troubleshooting, i did a reset on the router, disconnected the 2nd lan and ran setup.

I plugged the Comcast router into Wan1 and a PC into port 1.

I configured DHCP on Vlan 1 ( by default) and let the PC grab the IP.

This basic configuration would not work in "router mode" but does work in "gateway mode".  

Does this make sense?


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Someone please help me.

this request for help has been unanswered for a month.

Please, someone.. if I have posted this incorrectly, please let me know.

I seriously need some basic help with this.


You originally posted this in the Network Infrastructure forum for LAN Switching. This forum is more oriented to IOS based routers and switches. Since you are asking about an RV320 I believe that the Small Business forum for Routers is more appropriate and I have moved the post to that forum. I hope this will result in getting attention from people who have more experience with routers like the RV320.

There are some things in your post that I do not understand and hope that you might clarify. You describe two LANs with their own Internet access. But I see only one connection to outside. How do you intend to have different Internet access for each LAN if there is one connection to outside?

Also you tell us that you are connecting switches to port 1 and port 2 of the RV320 but have not told us how those ports are configured. Can you clarify?

Also it would be helpful to know what Comcast expects on this connection. Is it expecting to see traffic from and that Comcast will do address translation? Or is Comcast expecting your router to do the address translation?





thanks for sending me to the right forum.  I got a response right away once you put the thread in the right spot.

i've changed the configuration so much that to try and edit and update would be confusing.  I will open a new thread, once i research the information already provided in the small business forum.. 

Many thanks Mike.. thank you thank you.

Hi Michael,

In Gateway mode the RV320 expects to be the device on the outer edge of your LAN. In your config it is not, as the Comcast routers act as DHCP servers. 

If you want to use your RV320 in gateway mode, set the comcast devices in bridge mode (turning the routing capabilities off while leaving the modem capabilities on).

Good luck! b.

Wow, did that clarify a ton for me. 

given the time which as passed, i have factory reset my router several times so the situation is completely different now.

I will open a thread once I have worked with the devices set properly as Bridge and Gateway.. thanks So much.. thank you thank you.

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