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RV320 DHCP problems for SOME devices

I have an RV320 configured as DHCP server on 2 VLANs (192.168.1.x and 192.168.123.x). Some devices fail to connect to the network regardless of VLAN and wired/wireless. The devices fail to get a DHCP address and hardcoding the DHCP address on the device and the router doesn't help, still not able to connect to the network.


The devices I've seen so far with this problem on the network are:

- ASUS X75A notebook (2 different devices show same problem)

- HP OfficeJet 8615 multifunction printer (2 different devices show same problem)


I've today upgraded the RV320 to latest firmware, which did not solve this problem. Any suggestions what could be wrong?

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i have the same problem, some

i have the same problem, some devices did'n get ip address. so we need to wait for new firmware?


I know this is an old thread

I know this is an old thread but I too am having this problem.  I've put about 10 of these RV320s in the field and connected an untold number of different types of devices/hosts to the RV320 without a problem.  However, I've run across 2 devices so far that I cannot assign IP addresses, as follows:

-- Roku 4630R media player

-- Pentair Aquatic 520489 ScreenLogic2 Interface Protocol Adapter

I've just reached out to tech support and have a case and so we'll see how that goes but I wanted to see everyone else's experience.

Sample RV320:  RV320-K9 V01 on firmware v1.3.2.02


RV320 DHCP server flaky

I am using firmware v1.4.2.19 on the RV320 router.  The DHCP server is flaky.  Some devices are able to get an IP address from it, and other devices (mostly older devices) are not.  


First let's get all of the usual blame-the-customer things out of the way.  No, I have not used up all of the IP addresses in the DHCP pool.  No, I did not screw up and turn off DHCP server function on the router.  Yes the devices that are unable to obtain an IP address from the router are devices that really really are connected to the LAN network of the router.


An example is an EZ-11b smart plug.  It can obtain an IP address when it is connected to any other router.  But when I plug it in to my local network where the RV320 is the DHCP server, it is unable to obtain an IP address.


But I have half a dozen other devices which run into the same trouble.  They tend to be older devices, manufactured a few years ago.  They can obtain an IP address when plugged in to any other router, but they cannot obtain an IP address from the RV320.


There is clearly something defective about the DHCP server in the RV320 router.  It somehow fails to behave properly, failing to respond correctly to certain DHCP requests from certain devices.


I looked around this community and I am not the first to report this problem, which apparently dates back to 2015.  How disappointing that the current firmware still does not provide a rock-steady DHCP server.


Re: I know this is an old thread

Did firmware ever fix this issue?


Check to see if all available

Check to see if all available IPs are already assigned.  I heard this model has a problem where it does not release IP addresses and then runs out of them.

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Good Evening,   I have seen


Good evening,



     My name is Steve and I am part of the Small business Support community.I´ve seen your post. I have seen similar issues on the RV3XX series where devices are not receiving IP addresses from the DHCP Service.Does the same devices are able to receive an IP on different Routers?  If so; I would recommend you to call the Small Business Center and create a case.  Please go here to find the phone number in your country:

Thanks for using our forum.



Steve A. Amador

Cisco network support engineer.


Hi, yes all devices in my

Hi, yes all devices in my network at this moment recive IP address from third party DHCP software, also i test d-link router and it works fine.