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RV320 freezes almost every day

I have a Cisco RV320 router that seems to freeze and go offline just about every day, usually in the middle of the night. The only way to bring the device back online is to cycle the power. During the time that it's offline, no network traffic can get through in either direction, and it stops saving to the logs. I'm running the latest firmware, I've already tried upgrading the firmware, improving airflow & ventilation around the unit so that it doesn't overheat, and disabling network service detection. The router is about 2 years old, and therefore out of warranty. 


Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

1. Try replacing an external power supply.
Not help ?
2. Connect the router via UPS - there may be electricity jumps
Again not help ?
3. Open the case and check the capacitors - maybe there are mutually
Can't see problems?
4. Buy new unit or contact the service center.
Possible detachment of the compound on chips, thermal destruction of patches, etc.
Its not seems to sw problem, typical hw
Cisco Employee

Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

Hi Sir,

My name is Puneet Sandel and I am from Cisco small business support team.


Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you with the device.


Kindly let us know whether you tried doing a hard reset on the device.  Also which devices are connected to the router. Do you see any latency whenever the router is up.


In case you have done a hard reset, Kindly try downgrading the firmware version to check the same.

If the issue still persists, Kindly give a call to Cisco frontline team to get a service request open with us. Nevertheless the router is 2 years old, we will provide you a resolution and technical assistance on the same.


PFB the link to contact Cisco frontline team:



Technical Consulting Engineer

Global CX Centers – Small Business Support


Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

I have had the RV320 for over 4-5 years. It was working perfect with Firmware 1.1, Then I updated it to 2 months ago, and it freezes several times during the week. Last week twice, this week over 4 times already. I just reinstalled the firmware again. I will check the next days.

Is the capacitor a real possibility?


Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

I have the same problem with my RV320 router.

Did a factory reset, reconfigured the router except VPN.

Router was working for 11 days without any problems, turned on the VPN again ( easy VPN configuration ).

Router starts to freeze after a day or two again.


CISCO please, fix this issue.


Regards Magnus 


Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

You can close this case... I performed the reset and restore and worked.

Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

I am happy that solved your problem BUT the issue still exists. Once VPN is
enabled the router starts freezing. Disable VPN works fine.

Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

Thanks, i'm gonna try it !

In remplacement of a TP-Link router, I purchased the RV320 a couple of weeks ago and I have the same issue. This last one freezes almost every day ! I upgraded the lastest firmware (v1.5.1.05) and it's worst !

I'm very disappointed, i'm gonna disable the VPN. I also read that enabling SNMP (it's my case) could cause the issue...

If I notice no improvement, I'll turn up back my TP-Link...

Re: RV320 freezes almost every day


I had this problem RV320 frequently frooze, at least every second day ... and it was related to VPN.

Upgraded to At the same time I also expanded the DHCP range ( the span was only five addresses) and disabled the pptp server ( that was enabled without my knowledge).

The router has been working fine since then.

Hope this information helps 


BR Magnus


Re: RV320 freezes almost every day

This case can be closed. I actually ended up replacing this router with a different model. I had to get the network back online so that staff could do their work without having to reboot the router constantly.