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RV320 Gateway-to-Gateway using Dynamic IP on both sides [feature request?]

I have a RV042 at home and I've got a RV320 for my office, since I thought it was just an upgrade.

On my old RV042 I have the ability to configure a Gateway-to-Gateway VPN while both sites are configured to Dynamic IP. 
To my surprise, on my new RV320 I cannot do the same! A message is displayed stating Local and Remote Gateways could not be configured that way at the same time (message attached).

Is there another way to configure this VPN without any static IP involved?


My dhcp address on the wan

My dhcp address on the wan side on my router has not changed for the last 4 months and before that i am not sure so if your dhcp on does not change very often maybe you could treat as a static address and change it in the vpn settings only when the address changes.


But using dynamic ip on both sides on a gateway-to-gateway vpn would be a nice feature if it is possible,


I tried that, and while it's

I tried that, and while it's possible, it's not feasible to depend on manual update on such a SMB router.

By the way, after everything is set, my RV042 displays a "Connect" button under "Tunnel Test", which triggers the connection to be established. Such button doesn't exist on RV320, so I guess there is no way to start the connection from RV320...? The status is displayed as "waiting for connection" and I can't start from that side.


Dear Join the dynamic IP



Join the dynamic IP addresses to one host entry in a dynamic DNS service, as, for example.
In the VPN configuration page on the router use, both on site and in the group of Setup Setup Remote group the type of Gateway "IP + Domain Name (FQDN) Authentication.
And in "Domain Name" put the host name registered with the dynamic DNS service.


I'm trying it, but still not

I'm trying it, but still not working. Do I need reverse zone for "IP by DNS resolved" to work?

Should I use the same configuration on both site and remote routers?


First: The settings for each

First: The settings for each side of the VPN depends on the IP address of your links.
If both are IP, dynamic settings are similar.
Second: Yes in the remote group configuration item, brand security gateway configuration should be "IP by DNS Resolved".
Third: Using a dynamic DNS service the only configuration to be done is a host name and domain to be used for the router's WAN interfaces.