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RV320 limits IP & MAC Binding to 30 entries


I have a new RV320 with firmware installed. I have a small business network with about 45-50 devices on it all configured for DHCP from the router. I want to reserve all the MAC addresses to DHCP provided IP address and be able to enable the Block Mac Address features for unknown and wrong IPs.

Firmware .19 is working fine for this but is limiting me to 30 entries as the attached screen snip shows. The documentation for the RV320 states it should be up to 100. Limiting it to 30 is not allowing me to enable the Block Mac Address features like I would like.

The router came with an earlier firmware out of the box but I updated to before doing any configuration other than plugging it in. I do not know if the previous firmware limited the IP & Mac Binding to 30 as well or not.

Has anyone else run into this issue or is it a known bug and I didn't find it in the forum?


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I'm sorry you are having issues with the devices.

There was a problem with the older version of the firmware limiting the entries but it has been resolved on 1.1.19, unfortunately, for it to take effect, you will have to factory reset the router.

My recommendation is for you to create a backup of your current configuration, then factory reset the device, configure the minimum options that you can and see if you can add more than 30 entries, you should be able to. Please remember, DO NOT restore the backed up configuration or you will run into the same issue.

If doing this doesn't work, then restore your configuration from the backup and contact the Small Business Support Center to open a case, but I'm very positive this won't be the case as I have seen this problem before and it gets resolved immediately after a factory reset when on the latest firmware.

Please try this and let us know.


We have a similar problem with RV325, on a new installation.

We updated firmware to and finally to, we saw the 30 items problem.

Our problem is that on all firmware versions when we have 91 entries send us a error:

"Critical failure. Please contact support."

And additional in the version we could not edit the MAC Address, if we try, the system send us the same error.

What we could do to edit or add more that 91 users?


Daniel Polo


I just found the problem.

If we edit on page 2 with 50 per page, no problem edit.

If we edit on page 1 with 50 per page, "Critical failure..:"

If we add the 92 item on page 2, with 50 per page,  then  "Critical failure..:"

If we edit or add with 25 per page  NO  PROBLEM, you can work on this way.

Thank you


I wonder how likely they will add OpenVPN support as well?

Why to open another case. Cisco knows about this bug. When will there be a solution?

30 entries are unacceptable. If there is no speedy solution I will return the router.

Is threr a plaaned date for a fix?


I Just updated the RV320 to v1.2.1.14 (As of this date is the latest posted firmware available)

After initial setup, I did a full factory reset.

Then proceded to configure it. I still have the 30 IP limit.!

When will this be fixed?. I bought this router as replacement for an old RV042G that colapsed. But this limit is giving me a very big trouble in my work.

Last time I looked, that was the latest firmware.  Cisco pulled a later version that had some sort of problem with VPNs.  That was a while ago, and still no improved firmware.

The firmware you're using (same as what I'm using) requires the "kludge" where you export the config, edit it, and then re-import it.  There are instructions on how exactly to do that elsewhere in this thread.

Yes. Just finished doing that. (Some Excel concatenate and notepad magic was involved but it was successful)

Thank you rvatalaro. What keeps me wondering is that suposedly, the RV320 is a newer, improved version of the rv042g. And it can't do what the older one did.

And that a recommendation made by cisco does not works.

Samir Darji

Whenever changing firmwares (with any brand smb-class router), completely factory default the unit before and after the upgrade to clear out the saved configuration.  You will need to rebuild your configuration from scratch (which for 50+ dhcp reservations can be a pain), but it will prevent any problems.

Huntsville's Premiere Car and Bike e-magazine:


New RV320: firmware update to (restart), (some tests), Sanitize the Configuration (restart), (some tests), Factory Default Including Certificates (restart)

We still have the same problem (limiting to 30 entries). Changing the layout of the configuration page (5/10/25/50 per page) has no influence to that problem.

When this bug will be resolved?

We can not use the router if we are not able to configure at least 60 entries.


Cisco's escalated support says new firmware in six months' time.  And no guarantee that this is committed timeframe.

Is there any workaround? Otherwise we have to send back the router.

Has the RV325 the same problem?

What cisco router can handle two WAN connections (one LAN, one PPPoE) and at least 60 MAC addresses for internet connection? We use the MAC addresses like a white list only, all other devices should be blocked. IP & MAC binding is not used. The RV320 internal DHCP Server is not used, we use an other DHCP server.

I am working with 96 MACs users with version, I downgraded and edit on IP & MAC Binding with 25 per page, did not work on other format.

There is a problem with:

Change Hostname if LAN IP is in the 192.168.x.100-150 range. Unable to change the hostname or the domain name if the LAN IP is in the range of 192.168.x.100-150. (CSCul16754) 

I am working on VLAN 1, IP Address  You can see the add file.

On other firmware versions I had the 30 limits problem.

The Cisco people say me that for the end of May they will have a new firmware release version.

I hope this could work.

Thank you very much daniel.polo.

I will wait until next week (June) and hope for a new firmware. If not, I will downgrade and give it a trial. Hopefully it will work with the RV320 too.

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