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RV320 not allowing WAN traffic for some LAN devices

I have a 320 router connected to the internet on WAN1; WAN2 is not connected. The router is providing DHCP service. People using iPhone, iPad, Macbook, Linux, and Droid have no problem picking up an IP address and browsing the internet. Some Windows 10 users also are able to do so. Other Windows 10 users pick up the IP address, mask, gateway, and DNS addresses, but are unable to connect to the Internet. In some cases, those Win10 machines are unable to even ping the gateway, but can ping other devices on the LAN (like printers, etc). In other threads, I did see a few comments that the WAN2 should be disabled, but I don't see a way to do that. The firmware is the latest


Any thoughts?

Iliya Gatsev
Cisco Employee


My name is Iliya Gatsev from Cisco Technical Support Team.


Have you tried to reset the device to factory settings after upgrade to latest firmware version ?


Iliya Gatsev
Cisco STAC Network Engineer
Together we are the human network .:|:.:|:. CISCO

I have not. I'll give that a try once i'm back on-site.

i did reset to factory default this past weekend. No positive impact.


It will be good to call our support line and open a support case.


Iliya Gatsev
Cisco STAC Network Engineer
Together we are the human network .:|:.:|:. CISCO


was this issue resolved?

It is not completely resolved; nor is it clear that it is definitively a router problem. 

ok ... thanks for the info. I was considering upgrading to due to the configuration file accessibility, but will postpone it.

I just setup a small business with a RV320 router on a Spectrum 200/10 network.  There are 10 users with most Windows 10 PCs and a couple of Windows 8.1 PCs.

any issues? I did find that if a computer could not see the gateway or internet (no ping, no access, etc). If I tracert to the gateway, internet restores at least for a while (few minutes to a few days). Absolutely whacky. Again it may have nothing to do with the router.



Are you using firmware any stability issues? I'm using that works for my environment and seems stable. i have a window 2008 server, two win 7 boxes, two other network devices, and a network printer.