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RV320 router keeps restarting (probably crashing)

Since we have installed the router with very simple configuration a few weeks ago, the router keeps rebooting at random interval, usually twice or more a day. We tried hard reseting it, and I also found a new firmware to which I upgraded the router a few days ago (from to, but it still does the same thing.

I have logging turned on, but the only relevant messages I see in the logs are those when it already restarts (rv320 : System is up). So I don't know how or why it crashes.

The only features we use are Site-to-site IPSEC VPN termination and DHCP server. It is in gateway mode, so firewall and NAT is active. But I turned off or unconfigured basically everything else.

What could I do to have this solved?

Is there any way to extract more information, probably some kind of trace or crashdump, or debug logs from the router?


We have the same logs over and over on our RV320.  The router is worthless so far.  To begin with, immediately after purchasing it, the firmware had a known (unknown at the time) issue where the latency through the router would increase after about 4 hours uptime to the point of timing out.  The only solution was to reboot.  Finally, a new firmware release was available and it solved THAT problem (FYI, it was a memory leak in the kernel causing the system to become unresponsive).  However, now, the router reboots every 2-6 hours and does not re-establish the IPSEC Site-to-Site tunnels (currently 19 tunnels) until someone logs in manually and clicks "connect" on each one of them.  Then, you must click "disconnect" on several of them in order for the router to get the routing table correctly updated so the clients in the LAN are able to reach the remote subnets. 

I am utterly dissappointed with this box - typically don't go for "prosumer" or "business" class product - but the claims made by Cisco (and still made to this day) make this router look like the cats meow.  Honestly, it shouldn't matter whether someone is running a torrent, whether you have zero or fifty VPN tunnels, whether your bandwidth is 1Mbps or 500Mbps, etc.  Either the box is able to support what Cisco claims or it is not.  Currently, it is not and it is basically a nice looking paperweight at this point in time.  We have gone back to a dedicated and custom built SUSE Linux box running Quagga and it works great.  Also have a Vyatta/Brocade box for our secondary  public subnet at this site and neither one has had to be rebooted since the final configuration was made - 30+ days ago now.  Not to mention out performing the RV320 in every possible category.

I'm just disappointed with Cisco on this one.  They make better products than this and (typically) they QUICKLY create bugfixes.  That hasn't been the case here.

Good luck to everyone else that has this router!


Hey there,

I have to agree with you on some parts but in general the RV320 has been stable and working fine for me since the latest firmware update and had no lock ups or other strange stuff happening, except for a boot once in a while after updating DNS/DHCP records.


Though I am not using IPSEC tunnels on it, which might be causing these issues.

From what I heard they are working on another new FW update but that wont be out before next year which in my opinion is ridiculous aswell and should be put out rather sooner than later, then again untill that time ill stick with the product in the hope the future will become only better :)


Hello everyone!

Yesterday our customer finally admited that they indeed are running several torrent clients on their LAN network and other heavy downloading too. Then I kindly asked them to stop this, since  it is not a normal business usage, and thus we cannot support such activity. They turned off all their downloading yesterday, and since then the router hasn't rebooted yet!

So my early assumption about torrent causing the reboots seems to be correct, but let's wait a few days, and see if it still holds.


Great that you've found the issue.  However while they are working around not using bittorrent, this is not the "Fix".

Cisco now need to fix this ASAP or, given the prevalence of bittorrent, this router is worthless for many people.

101 testing of any router should include swamping it with Bitorrent connections these days....


Hello dzentai, may I know your Bit Torrent bandwidth? I mean your WAN banwidth that ISP provided?


The bandwidth is 120Mbps download, 25 Mbps upload. That's what we could measure.

There are 5-7 users in that office, and 2 or 3 of them running BitTorrent clients.


I have a RV042 unit running for 1-2 years connecting via VPN site-to-site remote 16 offices, with a total of bandwidth around 80 mbps.No problems , uptime 200+ days since last reboot (firmware upgrade).

I tried to replace with RV320 unit, firmware upgrade, reset to factory settings, network set, 16 VPN site-to-site tunnels.

After 4 hours device become unresponsive, no VPN traffic, login screen comes up in 2 minutes and that was all. Restarted, 2 hours (mid day) and crashed again. Restarted, 2 hours, same behavior.

I switch back to old RV042 and RV320 is now in one remote office with only one VPN site-to-site tunnel. And still working for 36 days.

If you cut one “0 “ from specs the you have a working unit :)) .10 mbps instead of 100 mbps VPN throughput, 5 site-to-site VPN instead of 50 etc.

Best regards,



We didn't have problem with the throughput.

Our distributor has also suggested to try RV042G instead of RV320. So if Cisco won't be able to solve our problem with this router, we are going to replace it with an RV042G.


RV320 unit is working with 1 VPN site-to-site tunnel and 3G internet (max D:14 / U:5 mbps) , and same unit with 16 VPN site-to-site tunnel and 100 mbps ISP is crashing every 2-3 hours.

This is my point with throughput.  Take is slow and will work (kidding)



i saw the people in another thread said:

"Phone and Chat Support is included for the first year after purchase. Hours are 9am-6pm M-F your time. After the first year you can get support for another 3 years by purchasing a contract."

Just in case you didn't know.