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RV320 to RV320 Gateway to Gateway cannot bring Up VPN



I need help please!

Two RV320. I need to setup VPN between them.

But... I cannot Connect them... I cannot bring Up tunnel.


This is the preliminary info's:

Both of RV320 has the latest firmware v1.4.2.20.

Both of RV320 have been reset to factory defaults. 

System Log seems to work randomly... on both RV320. (I try to find on log's the reason, but even after one hours I have no records from VPN. [IPSEC & PPTP VPN is checked... as every options in fact]. Even so... If there is something... is like PSK+Agressive is not ok. One line... and nothing more. 


I delete VPN settings on both, then starting from scratch from many times already... at least 10 times... but no success. (why? because on previous version of firmware the tunnel worked!) [The previous configurations was made by me! I know this kind of things...]


So ... I insist to set up VPN:

First: - I really need this VPN... and from to long time already, he makes me "angry"...

Second: - because I know "this must be work!" it's not racket science... 


But I'm stuck. I do not know what to do!


Please give me some ideas 

Please tell me what to check again


Thank you!



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