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RV320 v1.1.1.06 Bugs + Feature Requests


Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here's a list of my observations from playing with the new RV320:


1. Mirror Port feature allows you to still interact with the network (which is not the behaviour of your small business switches) allowing your host PC to respond to received traffic causing a traffic amplification attack against the router (I think anyone complaining about the web-interface being slow may have encountered this!).

2. IP & MAC Binding - Editing an existing entry which contains a space (i.e. "Nexus 7") causes the space to be dropped upon edit.

3. DNS Local Database - Can create an entry such as "NAS" that would need to be queried as "NAS." to make the feature work as intended, the router domain name has to be appended i.e. "NAS.Router" if "Router" is entered in Network->Domain Name, for clients to find it by "nslookup nas". Default behaviour should be to append the domain name if no "." is specified (either in the interface or querying the DNS server should behave as if it was specified).

4. Impossible to set a Daylight Saving rule for the UK.

5. DHCP Status table periodically loses all entries.

6. Errors in "Incoming Log Table" :

2014-01-09, 00:38:06    Kernel    kernel: i2c i2c-0: Failed to register i2c client rs5c372b at 0x32 (-16)

2014-01-09, 00:38:06    Kernel    kernel: i2c i2c-0: Can't create device at 0x32

2014-01-09, 00:38:06    Kernel    kernel: gre: can't add protocol

7. System Statistics "Sessions" and "New Sessions/Sec" always say 0.

8. Help for "System Statistics" and "Processes" is very limited (and not helpful).

9. Clicking "Enabled" or "Disabled" against USB1 or USB2 does not contain a hyperlink to the "USB Failover Settings" tab of the selected interface under Setup->Network where the operation mode can be set to "Disabled"

10. Processes like "webBoot" appearing and using port 22088 in the Processes table and "HTTP Server with SSL support" on ports like 5443.

Feature Requests:

1. Ability to choose which port is mirrored (LAN2, LAN3, LAN4, WAN1, WAN2, VLAN1.. etc) and potentially the destination (i.e if we are not using WAN2 why not make it an option to be a mirror port destination?).

2. Tables to be sortable ASCending/DESCending by clicking on the column.

3. "Enable Mirror Port (Port 1)" renamed to "Mirror All Traffic (To Port 1)"

4. Web API or Proprietary Telnet API (or even just experimental SSH access) option so we can programmatically add items to the firewall rules table (fail2ban etc).

5. The option to choose what gets syslog'd and what gets written to the flash memory's log (worried about device longevity with all the logging turned on).

6. Bandwidth Management cannot set an IP to have a particular priority. The priority only lists services (with no IP address control) and the Rate Control only lists particular rates (but for specific IPs).. would like to say something like has "High" priority.

7. Some of the columns to be sensibly sorted by default instead of the order they were entered.. for example IP & MAC Binding should be sorted by IP address.

8. A wider range of Dynamic DNS providers supported (1 for Europe/America and 1 for China is not really enough!). Perhaps an API/standard for this too so we can make our own.

9. Ability to route all web traffic via a HTTP proxy (like Squid). Sometimes called a transparent web proxy.

10. Ability to ban an IP after they fail to correctly login to either the VPN/Web Interface/SSL VPN etc.. to prevent bruteforce attacks that will eventually succeed.

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Having not bought one of these yet I cannot validate the bugs, but I would like to lend support for some of the comments Matthew has made.

Bug 3: A $50 home grade router can get this right...

Bug 4:  I have read a review online and tried the online emulator and read the release notes and find nothing to suggest that this issue has been fixed to-date.  It is impossible to set daylight savings for New Zealand, Australia, UK and at least parts of the US.  This is a router, we need to be able to know exactly when thing happen looking at log files etc.

It should be noted that the correct functionality for DST can be found in the WAP561 interface....Can someone please ask that team if they can copy and paste the source code

Feature Request 4: We would definitely support SSH access as well.  This can be done already with the 300 series switches (same model family?) and we use it to automatically configure the switch straight out of the box.  This speads our deployment time and reduces config errors.

Michiel - my team is working on the scope of the next Maintenance Release which includes many of the above feature requests and fixes. SSH CLI is one of them!

Stay Tuned - we will have more information asap!




Awesome, cant wait for the new update :)

It's busy we are doing our best!

this particular MR will be one of the best - we will get CLI too.


Another reason why we choose RV320 for all businesses ;) Awesome! can't wait for it already :P Btw, if possible can you see if you can implement dnsomatic support?

HI Marc,

I have a Bug with my WAN Port - this is connected via PPTP to my ISPs modem - redial stops working after some time - only reboot fixes the problem (disconnect & connect via the GUI doesn't work).

2014-04-08, 23:09:45System LogNo response to 5 echo-requests
2014-04-08, 23:09:45System LogSerial link appears to be disconnected.
2014-04-08, 23:09:45System LogConnect time 123.9 minutes.
2014-04-08, 23:09:45System LogSent 2089830 bytes, received 74489398 bytes.
2014-04-08, 23:09:51System LogConnection terminated.
2014-04-08, 23:09:51System LogModem hangup
2014-04-08, 23:10:22System LogUsing interface ppp1
2014-04-08, 23:10:22System LogConnect: ppp1 <--> pptp (
2014-04-08, 23:10:52System LogLCP: timeout sending Config-Requests


this shows the Log when the redial is working:

2014-04-08, 21:05:12System LogLCP terminated by peer
2014-04-08, 21:05:12System LogConnect time 1440.0 minutes.
2014-04-08, 21:05:12System LogSent 74945576 bytes, received 416048948 bytes.
2014-04-08, 21:05:47System LogUsing interface ppp1
2014-04-08, 21:05:47System LogConnect: ppp1 <--> pptp (
2014-04-08, 21:05:50System LogCHAP authentication succeeded
2014-04-08, 21:05:50System LogCHAP authentication succeeded
2014-04-08, 21:05:51System Loglocal IP .......

Please log a new support case.


ASAP? it's been over 25 days?

Hi Michiel - we are working on this new MR as we speak. I hope to have an update asap.



Awesome, really appreciated thank you :)

Hi Marc sorry to be a pain but do you have a target release date? Really looking forward to giving this a test :-).

Also, do you need any more testers of your firmware? I'll happily run it at home.


the release date will be sometime early next year - i am hoping to pull it in - perhaps into late this year.

PM your email - i will get your contact info for beta testing.

End of this year is seriously ridiculous, other brands (like ubiquiti, asus and netgear) release firmware updates almost every 3 months, please make this happen sooner.

Also, ive asked you a few times already to help me test aswell but i heard nothing.

Also, there is no way to pm you on these forums ;)


Thanks for the update. I should have PM'd you my e-mail address now.



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