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RV320 VPN software access

I recently purchased an RV320 for my small business because it claims to allow VPN access. Now that I have it I can't seem to get at the VPN software. I also can't find any place to register my product to get access to the VPN software. Am I missing something? I don't remember reading that additional purchases were required to use the VPN capabilities. This was key to my purchase so can anyone direct me as to how to download the VPN software? This is rather frustrating and making me wish I'd selected a different product/vendor for my small business.




You can download the Easy VPN client utility in Cisco download page:

For reference:
Page 91, you'll also see on how to configure this.

Same issue.  Thanks for posting the link but when I followed the above link and the web site will tell you:

"To Download this software, you must have a valid service contract associated to your profile."

Nothing in the RV320/RV325 product data sheet indicated a service contract is required to use this advertised capability.

I find the same thing as shiftgear6. you need to buy a service contract to use a feature you've already paid for. It seems 3rd party software can be used but why? Since we paid for the feature why not provide the software that allows it to be used? Forcing us to use 3rd party software will eventually mean a move to another vendor and I'd rather not.

Cisco, please provide the client!



If you open a support ticket and ask for the Cisco VPN client software they should be able to send it to you, I did this a couple of weeks ago. However note that the Cisco VPN software is EOL and might not work with Windows 8/8.1 (I only have Windows 7 systems to support, have tested it on Windows 7 64-bit and it appears to run ok).

EOL announcement is here:


As suggested by others, Shrewsoft is a good alternative, I've used it in a past role with ASA 55xx series firewalls for VPN access and it works well.



Michal Bruncko

For IPSec VPN, you can use Shrew Soft VPN Client.

I'm toying with this for Linux and WIn7 now and I'm on the border with success. Almost there.

Do you know of any guides for configuring the cisco VPN on the RV320 and the matching client config for Shrew? Also I have to support Mac, Win7/8, and Linux. Is Shrew compatible with all these?


There is support over all systems you mentioned. For Linux and Windows (both 32 and 64bit) you can use packages/installers from download area. For Mac there is also option - described here, but I never tried by myself so I can't tell you how much is installation straightforward, but package is available here.

Shrew Soft in general is very good replacement for Cisco VPN client, but from first look it have a much more options and settings for configuring IPSec tunnels. It have also one very good function - import of existing Cisco VPN client profiles. This means you can simply prepare configuration easily via Cisco VPN Client and then have that profile imported to Shrew Soft and start to use Shrew Soft only.