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RV325 DMZ Host

Dear Community,


I have one question regarding DMZ Host on RV325 - is it possible that device plugged to DMZ will obtain IP from ISP?


My original setup was => ISP cable plugged to switch => one cable connected to WiFi Router, one connected to IPTV. Both devices got IP from ISP.


I changed the setup and want to use RV325 => ISP cable connected to WAN, IPTV cable connected to DMZ. I was hopping that DMZ will work in the way as switch.


The problem is that IPTV is not getting IP from ISP. Any advice / thoughts how to solve this problem?


Thank you.


Re: RV325 DMZ Host

Anyone, please?


Not sure if I described it in the understandable way, so if not, let me know and I can try.

Cisco Employee

Re: RV325 DMZ Host


When you are planning to configure DMZ Host that time you need to connect the device on the LAN of the RV325 Router, so it will not able to get the automatic DHCP IP from the ISP.

As per your original setup that is working as ISP, Router and your IPTV are connected on a flat Network via Switch.

As per your new setup, ISP is be connected to the WAN interface of the RV325 and you have connected the IPTV on the DMZ which is a separate interface (physical port); due to that IP is not propagating via the WAN to DMZ.

To know the DMZ host setup you may refer the admin guide of the RV325 Router or the below mentioned link…

Need to the following points to understand your topology better…

  • Are you getting any public IP on the IPTV from your ISP (as per your original setup) ?
  • Whether your IPTV require public IP to work or it can operate with the private IP as well provided it has Internet connectivity? In that case RV325 Router can cater the Internet to the IPTV via LAN (in default Gateway mode)

Re: RV325 DMZ Host


thanks for the reply. I was talking about DMZ Port - sorry.

So, from what are you saying is that on DMZ Port is not possible to get IP from ISP?


I was playing little bit and I can connect IPTV to regular LAN port and if I enable multicast passthrough under Firewall option => it will start working, so at least I have solution.

Anyway, I still don't understand why DMZ Port is not working as I expected. Actually DMZ Port was the reason why I bought this router.


Couple of notes:

1) I can't set any IP on IPTV as there is no setting for it

2) I'm getting public IP on WAN (83.x.x.x)

3) I'm getting private IP from ISP on IPTV (10.1.x.x)


I'm ok with the solution with the LAN, but still would like to know more why is not working on DMZ Port.


Thank you.

Cisco Employee

Re: RV325 DMZ Host


Actually, DMZ port is not directly connected to ISP, it uses the Routable IP provided by the ISP. So you are not getting the DHCP IP from the ISP however you can configure static IP pool provided by ISP to host any server.

You may also refer the DMZ port functionality mentioned on the admin guide of the RV325 Router as follows…

A DMZ is a subnetwork that is open to the public but hidden by a firewall. A routable IP address is highly recommended for the DMZ configuration. You can configure the firewall rules to allow access to specific services and ports on the DMZ from both the LAN or WAN. In the event of an attack on any of the DMZ nodes, the LAN is not necessarily vulnerable. We recommend that your hosts be exposed to the WAN (such as web or e-mail servers) on the DMZ network.  (Page 27)

Also you may refer the below mentioned link where DMZ functionality has been explained…

Good to know that you got a workaround for the IPTV.

You have mentioned that you are getting public IP (83.x.x.x) on the WAN & private IP (10.1.x.x) on the IPTV from your ISP, whether you are getting the same using your original setup?



Thanks & Regards,