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RV325 EasyVPN goes down after a few hours


Hello everyone, I just got a brand new RV325 for private purposes and so far I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version immediately and most of the stuff runs stable, however I run into a problem.

I have enabled EasyVPN and got it running with IOS/Android/OSX and Windows, however while the router generally seems to run stable the vpn server however stops working after 3-4 hours of uptime. I cannot connect to the VPN server from outside anymore until i go to the vpn settings and save them again which seems to restart the internal VPN server again.


Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this problem?






Ok seems like I have to reply to myself.

I finally found out that the problem is the osx ipsec client, it simply fails on 2 out of three connects, the same goes for IOS, if someone can pinpoint me towards working clients for OSX/IOS I would be grateful.

The funny thing however is that a connection to a CISCO ASA server my employer uses works without a hitch with both clients.

Also the Windows with the ShrewSoft client as well as Android with the integrated VPN IPSEC client works without a hitch with the rv325.



Ok I resolved my issues differently, I now have attached a Linux server which serves an OpenVPN access, that works reliably in OSX and IOS.

Anyways, is there a possibility to report a bug to Cisco regarding this? It is strange that an ASA IPSec VPN connection works reliably on OSX/IOS while a RV325 EasyVPN connection does not work properly. Given the install base of IOS this might be a bug worthwhile investigating on the side of CISCO.



If you would like to open a bug case, please call our Small Business Support Center. Contact information is located here:

Explain to the technical engineer that you would like to report a bug. 

Thank you!


Regards, Cindy If my response answered your question, please mark the response as answered. Thank you!
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