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RV325 Freezing (CSCut04694) not resolved

We have been running the RV325 in our office for the last several years, and have put up with the unit freezing, for some time.  Firmware is supposed to (again) resolve this issue; however, it's not.  This morning, for the third time since installing the new firmware in December, I have had to restart the router in order to regain its use.  

In typical fashion one of my users will come to me and ask me if the internet is down.  I'll try a few sites and see they don't load, then I'll ping the router and it will be non-responsive.  With the previous version of the firmware the red diag light would be on and I'd restart my RV325.  The current firmware seems to have disabled the red diag light, but the functionality is still the same - the box is dead until it is restarted.

You don't seem to be able to get a handle on this bug, so I think it's time I start looking for a replacement product.



I understand the frustration as I've dealt with this before too.  But it's not only with Cisco products, but others as well.  Unless you plan to spend 10x more for enterprise grade equipment, you simply need to find a workaround.  We bought a rebooter from 3gstore that will automatically power cycle an outlet if a ping (or x number of pings) fails.  You can also set a nightly reboot at a time when you aren't using your network, like 2am.  This solves the issue once and for all, with all brands of equipment.  I highly recommend this route as I've seen bugs for YEARS persist in almost every brand of equipment in this price range.  Sure beats shelling out $1000 for a 'stable' router.

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The frustrating thing is that the problem was probably at most semi annually; however, since applying the latest firmware that supposedly 'fixes the issue' I have to restart the device multiple times in the same month.

If it can't be fixed it would sure be nice if they added a scheduled option to the next firmware release.


Hello Duncan,

i hope you are doing well, my name is Jonathan and I am part of Cisco SBSC.

Please let me know, have you created a case in the past with us to troubleshoot this problem?

-I can see that many cases with the same issue have been solved by doing the upgrade to the latest firmware, as a suggestion i encourage you to do the upgrade again if you have removed the version but as well to do a factory reset afterwards and test. 



So there's an easy solution--downgrade the firmware.  Firmware releases in this class of products should be treated as feature sets--because something always breaks along with fixes--and you need a working feature set for your particular use.  It's not just the cisco rv series either--any smb class router will be this way.  (Just ask me about the dhcp reservation issues I've had with some netgear products.)  Find your workaround--save some green.

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