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RV325 Upgrade stuck on "Firmware Upgrade" progress bar


Hi Folks,

Our new RV325 was installed yesterday, with Firmware version

It was connected to WAN and LAN successfully.

Today we decided to upgrade to the latest firmware before configuring VPN access.  We downloaded RV32X_v1.3.2.02_20160923-code.bin and went to install from PC.  The upload progress percentage messages flashed up rapidly, and a "Firmware Upgrade" progress bar was shown.

The upgrade screen is stuck on the  "Firmware Upgrade" progress bar for hours now, and a text message is visible in the background - "Critical Failure.  Please contact support."

See the attached screenshot.

The DIAG light is blinking red, and the power light is solid green.

WAN and LAN continue to work - the device has not been "bricked" it seems.

I note that it seems to be possible to upload the firmware via TFTP but I am reluctant to try anything like that without some expert advice :)



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I hope you are doing well, my name is Jonathan and I am part of the Small Business department here at Cisco.

I apologize for any inconvenience with this unit, please try the followinf steps 

1.power off

2.power on with pressing the reset button, wait for 10s, untill the diag LED turn red, and power LED keep flashing.

3.set lan pc to

4.use  tftp client to put the firmware to device. Windows command for example:  tftp -i put RV32X_v1.1.1.06_20131206-code.bin. Or using  other tftp client like ""

5.after tftp finish, the device will reboot by itself.

6.after startup, power led is on, diag led is off.

-If you need further assistance please open a case so we can determine if the unit is faulty or if we can help to recover the access. thanks

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for getting back on this.

I was all set to try this when I decided to retry the "official" method one more time, and to my surprise it worked OK this time, so I didn't have to go the TFTP route.

There is probably some kind of timing issue or load factor perhaps that interferes with the upload from PC or what happens immediately thereafter, so maybe it's generally worth retrying it later before resorting to TFTP...

Best Regards,


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