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RV340 - Cannot Restore Configuration to Second Device

Good Afternoon,


I have been using a RV340 router running V1.0.01.17 firmware for a few months and have generally been very happy with the product. I have found it to be big improvement over the RV042G where the load-balancing and protocol binding basically did not work.


Recently, I purchased a second RV340 to be used as a back-up should the first one fail. The intention was that I would fully configure this device and store it safely should it be required. This second router is running firmware V1.0.01.18.


I took a back-up of the first live router's configuration by saving it to file. However, I find that when I try to load this configuration to the second back-up router, the browser freezes and the process fails. I then have to restart the router. I have tried several browsers and PC and Mac computers, but to no avail.


As an experiment, I tried backing up and restoring the configuration of the second router to itself and this does work as intended.


It does seem strange that the configuration save and load facility only appears to work on a given router and not to a second device. It somewhat defeats the purpose of the facility if it is not possible to quickly and identically configure a second router.


Has anyone experienced this? Any help would be most appreciated.








Re: RV340 - Cannot Restore Configuration to Second Device

I have now worked out how to get round this issue.


The problem was that the configuration that I was attempting to load to the second device used a different subnet for the LAN than the default one of This is why the browser was hanging and not reporting that the configuration upload had in fact succeeded. All that was necessary was to reconfigure the computer's LAN port to the new subnet and log back into the router (on its new programmed IP address). After that, just copy the running configuration to the startup configuration as with all changes ('save' icon should be blinking).


Nevertheless a poor show that this not-unusual scenario is not somehow handled in the RV340 web administrative tool. It is important to note that configurations loaded this way actually take effect immediately and no power-cycling of the router is required nor should be performed.



Re: RV340 - Cannot Restore Configuration to Second Device

Your observations, deductions, and actions were all valuable to me as encouragement and advice.    Indeed this was supposed to be possible!    I had a testimonial to that effect!


I needed it, because under similar circumstances, I was utterly discouraged with 'failure' responses. I suddenly suspected that crossing between separately serialized equipments, though of the same model number, was not allowed... and simply rejected without explanation.    


In my case, it was more difficult than in your case.        Indeed, your caveats were necessary, but not sufficient.  And while I will try to offer some guidance to anyone who comes after me, please understand that I could never provide an "IFF" (IF and ONLY IFF) prescription here.     I can only regurgitate what worked for me:

I upgraded the firmware of the target RV340, to match that of the source RV340 (which was fully updated to xx.xx.1.18).    This was easy; I downloaded the f/w from Cisco, logged into the target RV340 with a browser (on subnet 192.168.1.x), and did the deed.

After that, I still got 'failure(s)' in my attempts to upload a configuration file from either my computer or a USB flash drive.        So I went THE OTHER WAY; I saved the current, rudimentary configuration of my target RV340 to my USB flash drive and my computer.      This worked, and encouraged me to know that, at least, SOME file transfer was possible.    Only after that admittedly wacko action, did I succeed in uploading the configuration of another RV340 (f/w v 18) into the target RV340.  Voila!     I'm not arguing with success.