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RV340 Client to Site VPN Connection

 Hello All,


Have setup the RV340 Client to site vpn however i cant find any documentation on how to connect to the vpn using cisco anyconnect client. can you please point me to the documentation 




Cisco Employee


My name is Rozana and i am an engineer from the SMB team.
For more information regarding the setup, please check the following guide:
Configure AnyConnect Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connectivity on the RV34x Series Router


thanks for the link, SSL VPN is already working for us. We need two sets of VPN and request is for the document on how to connect to "Client to Site" VPN from a windows box. when contacted supported they send me this link


however i am not able to access it. if you could help me access that link that would be much appreciated

Hello Again,

1. AnyConnect Client works with Windows.
2. Shrew Soft (IPsec client) also works with Windows and RV340, and it is a free software.
3. PPTP works with the embedded windows client, but only with PAP.
4. L2TP+IPsec is also an option with the RV340 series ( only if the RV is directly connected to the ISP, not behind NAT).
It also works with the embedded windows client

The link you were provided with is no longer valid.
All configuration guides are now uploaded to the Forum.
Here are some configuration links:


If you still face issues with the VPN configurations, please contact us again and we will assist over Webex.


Thank you very much, let me give it a try and get back to u

Can you please setup a webex session and help and please find the SR details as well SR 685543523.


i tried the link in the document its not working


"Set up a VPN Client on the RV340 Using Shrew Soft. For instructions on setting this up, click here."

Sure, your case is still open.
The assigned engineer will contact you as soon as possible to assist further.


would it possible for you to contact and help us resolve it please...if not possible will wait for the engineer, can you please leave a note in the SR for us

I already have this working. However. I am wondering if it is possible to make two separate L2Tp\IPsec accounts or logins. For example, if I have separate users and groups, can I make more than one PSK they use?

I have L2TP/IPsec setup working, but I want to make a separate one without affecting the old users. Now I want to make a new set of users.

I tried by creating separate IPsec profiles and it works, but I'm not sure how to get it working with L2TP as there does not seem to be an option to add another L2TP Server with another profile and matching PSK.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.