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RV340 Client-to-Site VPN - Local and Remote Entries?


I'm replacing a Netgear VPN Router (FVS336Gv2) with a Cisco RV340. 

The Netgear setup is using:

Local ID: and Remote

The client GreenBow settings are the opposite:

Local ID and Remote

So, these entries are relative to the router. 

The router is local to itself and the client is remote to the router.

The client is local to the Remote ID and is remote to the router Local ID.


There are a couple of key things that I don't understand as well as I'd like:


1) are these ID names just arbitrary like:  How might I come up with new ones (if necessary) for using the RV340?

What are the rules for these names?  (I know I could use IP addresses and that seems OK for the fixed router but not so OK for laptops that are moving around).


2) In the current router/client setup, the names are reversed, is this normal?  Or, might it be switched when changing to the RV340?  Is there a standard definition for Local ID and Remote ID.  Is it always referenced to the router or not?




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