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RV340 DHCP option 121 - static route


I'm using an RV340 router. Can I push a state route to computers on the LAN? It seems like DHCP option 121 would do that but I don't see that available on my router.



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what kind of static route ? ny default DHCP support default route ? (is this static route different than the DHCP supplied)


give us moire example to understand the requirement correctly.


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Here is an example:


The RV340 DHCP is set up to give out addresses for (network A). I have another network (network B), using I set up a gateway on network A with the address The clients on network A need to know it is the gateway for network B, which could be done with a static route.

For that one you need to setup 2 VLAN


VLAN1 default with 192.168.100.x/24

VLAN2 default with 192.168.200.x/24


Enable IP routing they communicate each other by default.


is this make sense ?



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It might make sense. I have to consider my approach because maybe I am overlooking something simple.


Here is the topology:

[ LAN 200 ] --- [ Gateway GW2 ] --- [ LAN 100 ] --- [ RV340 ]


The second LAN is behind GW2, which has a firewall. So, I want the devices on LAN 100 to route directly through GW2 when they need to access anything on LAN 200.


I can make GW2 use NAT but I would rather have it route directly to the RV340. Then the RV340 can do NAT for LAN 200, like it does for LAN 100.


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For VLAN 200 Subnet you need to make a static Route pointing towards GW2 (on RV340)

GW2 pointing default route anyway point towards RV340 here.


GW2 should have configured IP helper-address to get DHCP from RV340 for the LAN 200 IP address, Set it own gateway 192.168.200.x/24 (this is GW2 IP address (what you configured on GW2) in the DHCP Config.


Example :


192.168.200.x/24 Gateway[ LAN 200 ] ---[ Gateway GW2 ]192.168.100.X --- [ LAN 100 ] --- 192.168.100.Y[ RV340 ]


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