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Rv340 Routing problem

Alejandro Madurga Ainoza
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

HI all,

I'm having some issues with Wan interfaces and routing.

I'm connecting the router to two clans on the Wan interface, one for the data and another for the voip service.

The data service is connected via vlan 6 and using pptp, with that everything works fine.

The problem comes when the voip vlan is configured it uses dhcp and it is assigned a 10.xx. Xx. Xx address with its gateway.

After that here are two default gateways assigned on the routes but the voip one has a priority metric compared with the one with the data, and hence all the traffic is routed to the voip interface, so no internet connection.

I tried with static routes, but the router is refusing to change metrics. Is there any way to avoid this? I'm not able to find a place to change the default route metrics.

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Muhammad Awais Khan
Rising star
Rising star



Did you consider to use Policy Based Routing Option. As per my understanding, You have two different default Routes and you want Data Vlan to use PPTP route while Voice VLAN to use other one. I have notice RV series also supported Policy based Routing/PBR, which can allow you to do that. Have a look on below configuration guide and search for Multi-WAN

Thanks for the answer, but it seems that the Wan policy only works when you have the 2 Wan ports configured, I tried but nothing changed.

Only workaround I found was to setup the dhcp Wan as static ip, using the ip given from the dhcp and removing the gateway.

Once the rogue default gateway is gone I configured a static route for the voip network using the gateway given by the dhcp as next hop address.

It will work while the dhcp does not change the ip, but it is rather twisted configuration. After reading the manual seems that the static routes are only enabled when there is no actual route in the default table, which sounds OK, but at the end it disables the option of overwrite the wrong metrics by default.

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