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RV340 - SSL VPN Error


HI. I can establish SSL VPN connection for my RV340.


I get the following errors. 

Anyone would can help me?


2019-10-18T09:19:44+01:00 <error>log_sslvpnac: facility=SslVpn;msg=ERROR sslserver.c.989[743FF470] sslsever_send_data: Error: Incomplete write, -1 of 471 bytes written;


2019-10-18T09:19:40+01:00 <error>log_sslvpnac: facility=SslVpn;msg=ERROR sslserver.c.2370[704B7470] connection_thread: Error accepting SSL connection;


2019-10-18T09:19:40+01:00 <error>log_sslvpnac: facility=SslVpn;msg=ERROR sslserver.c.3146[704B7470] nonblocking_ssl_accept: Peer closed connection during SSL handshake,status:0;


2019-10-18T09:19:36+01:00 <error>log_sslvpnac: facility=SslVpn;msg=DEBUG sslvpn_aaa_stubs.c.105[743FF470] sbtg_authorize: ret 0.;

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Cisco Employee

Re: RV340 - SSL VPN Error

Do you use the Cisco Anyconnect Client ?

Re: RV340 - SSL VPN Error

Yes, We use the Any connect client version 3.1.00495
Cisco Employee

Re: RV340 - SSL VPN Error

I need to check, but I believe you need to be on version 4.



Re: RV340 - SSL VPN Error

Honestly, these failed VPN connection attempts have NO binding to Cisco AnyConnect SW. Sorry Cisco guys, but tell me a reason or evidence what do you have for this opinion.

Based on firewall logs, I can see hundreds of similar attempts per month in times when evidently no VPN connection was initiated from my side. Also, the frequency of these attempts (5-10 within a few seconds) leads to the conclusion that these attempts are 3rd party common scan. As the firewall doesn't log directly the source IP addresses, I can only speculate, that a "number" in brackets is a HEX representation of DEC IP addresses (YY.YY.YY.YY HEX -> XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX DEC). If so, these IP address sources are from China (China Unicom, etc.).

Cisco Employee

Re: RV340 - SSL VPN Error

I assume in your case somebody tries to connect to your router.


In the case below the SSL VPN feature on the RV340 when enabled allows connection from a client using Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client. That is the only function it has. Martin asks for help how to make that work.

I understand he tries to connect from his client and gets an error in the RV340.