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RV340 to AWS Site-to-Site VPN with Dual IPSec Tunnels


AWS Site-to-Site VPNs typically provide two separate IPSec tunnels for redundancy (see diagram Typically, an office router will be configured to connect to _both_ of these tunnels to prevent downtime in the event that 1 tunnel drops.


I was wondering if anyone had successfully configured an RV340 to use this dual-tunnel configuration with an AWS Site-to-Site VPN? I have tried:

 * Configuring 2 Site-to-Site VPNs on the RV340, with the same Local/Remote Group that select traffic from the office router -> AWS VPC. When both VPNs are activated, traffic stops flowing.

 * Configured 2 Site-to-Site VPNs using the "Inside IP Addresses" from AWS as the Local/Remote Group (169.254.x.x), and adding a Static Route to direct traffic at the tunnel. Traffic does not seem to be routed properly.


Does anyone have notes on how they have successfully configured an AWS Site-to-Site VPN using both tunnels with an RV340?

Thank you!

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