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RV340 VPN and Multiple Subnets


I need  some guidance on what product supports multiple subnets via an establish site-to-site connection with IPsec.   I purchased a RV340  under the impression that it has this capability.


After establishing the first tunnel, i  tried  to establish the second (the second tunnel connects to  an internal vlan)  and the system does not allow me to create multiple  connections to the same IP. Gives the following error. rv340 error1.png


I have verified the connections works by disabling the first tunnel and then activating the second.


I have also notice that in the site-to-site configuration there is an option  for a Remote IP Type of ANY. rv340 error2.png  

I cannot test this, since the router on the other side is not of the same type (I did try) and will not make a connection. 


If this  solves my problem, i can purchase another router of the same type.  If it does work, if open the questions  of, How to limit traffic or exclude other subnets ? 


I  have also seen this answered questioned concerning the same topic.


if this router  is able to  router multiple subnets via a tunel,  please let me know what i am missing. if not can someone recommend a device that will allow multiple subnets to communication via a tunnel?


Thank you for the assistance and  guidance.



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Frank Hoeben

A bit late, but it might help someone else.

I just got an RV340 and ran into the same problem.

I don't know if it's part of the latest firmware but aside from 'any' you set an 'IP Group'.

IP Groups definitions are made under System Configuration.

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