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RV340 VPN faiolver for Point-to-Point

Good afternoon dear friends,

I am new to Information Technology and I need your help.

I have two RV340 in different buildings each with two internet links each, and I connect them through a dedicated optical fiber that makes my network interconnect. I would like to know if it is possible, if this fiber link fails a site-to-site VPN, take over and reestablish the connection with my routers, because my sales system is connected to the database through its LOCAL IP example of my range 2.0 I see and communicate with my main range 1.0 which is in the main building.

I am not clear but I am attaching an amateur diagram that exemplifies my idea and my current scenario. Regards.


PS: The point-to-point connection is made through a VLAN 10 that has the following range allowing only 2 ips to communicate only between them. I created a static route between them to see their local networks, I will also send attached the photos of the route of the main R1 and R2 building of the branch.

Diagram Scenario .pngR1 route estatic.pngR2 route static.png


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