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RV340W Cannot access USB drive on port 1

Dear all, I signed up to this forum because after 2 frustrating weeks, while I'm happy with the RV340W I purchased, I cannot access a USB drive I connected to USB port 1 on it.


1. In my previous routers (Netgear, DLink), there was a pre-configured share name ("\\readyshare" for netgear, etc.)

2. There is no such option in the Cisco RV340W Quick Start Up Guide or Administration Documentation on Cisco's website.

3. It does mention how to set up the USB ports with Mobile WAN dongles to act as failovers but there is no documentation on simply how to access any USB drives plugged into them.

4. The only mention of USB Drives is in a section in the Quick-start guide that mentions status lights, with "Green" meaning "Storage is recognized".

5. The firmware has not been updated to the latest because I've read other posts in this forum about problems after firmware upgrades.  The firmware is for System and for USB Modem.

6. I have configured firewall rules so that any traffic from VLAN1 to USB1 or USB2 and vice versa is allowed.

7. I have tried entering "" in Windows Explorer (it opens up the web configuration interface.  I have tried entering (the router device address, not the gateway address) and it says the "Folder is empty".  I have tried IP.Address:Port_number(e.g. 443,8080, etc.) I have tried \\IP_address\Name of USB Volume, folders, etc.


Here's the rub.  I am ~not~ a networking specialist :-( In all other ~consumer~ routers, there are menu options in the configuration interface for how to access USB drives connected to routers, with the usual convention being "\\pre-configured_share_name".  Even the LinkSys routers have this.


Does anyone know how to do this on an RV340W? Am I missing some simple config item?


Any help would be much appreciated.  I really like this router, I didn't realize it would be hard to do this.  I of course called Cisco support and was told I needed a support contract and even that I shouldn't have bought the router as only businesses normally buy Cisco, etc. etc.