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RV340W DMZ Problem


I'm experiencing some problem to configure my dmz with a rv340w. I aleady setup many dmz with other brand of router but first time with de cisco rv340w.


LAN : (not the same ip but same setup)

IP Range : / 150
Subnet :

Gateway :


So for the LAN basic setting and WIFI all work good, awesome router for the price.


I activated the Hardware DMZ option and configure it with the ip and subnet mask as As soon I activate that we can ping from the lan and dmz. So the interface was created by the router (the port LAN4 was converted to DMZ Port).


After I configured the access rules, so I allow wan1 to dmz and allow dmz to wan1 for anyting (test only not the final setting). Its not the full rules I want to configure but supposed to work with only those 2 rules. But a computer on the dmz can ping but are unable to navigate internet, there is my problem is miss something on the configuration and need help to find my problem.



Cisco Employee


Please make sure you are running the latest firmware version for your device ( 

If you are still having issues please call our support centre so an engineer can check the configuration and advice on next steps.

Thank you.

Yes it the version
I Will



Have you solved your problem? I'm having the same issue with RV345 router and I'm desperated...






I had the same issue but I resolved it by changing the DNS on the PC/Server NIC to point to the DMZ interface.

I have the same issue too !


Problem solved. The DMZ configuration should be the static IP provided by your ISP. On the Server/PC and the Router.


I did that. public..public..ip but it is not working.

WAN, Hardware DMZ Range (DMZ &WAN within Same Subnet) IP range Static IP to

Substitute for your Static IP

Firewall DMZ Host Enable enter static IP

Make sure the IP address is not port mapped, port forwarded, port triggered, or in the static NAT table.

I have 2 Public IP

WAN1 Public Static IP

WAN2 Public Dynamic IP



I try to configure as like below

0. DMZ Host - is mot my topology

1. Hardware DMZ

    - Subnet type is not possible (rv340 not allowed)

    - Range type to (OK)

2. LAN PORT4 statistcs-> DMZ (OK)

3. Windows server 2019 NIC #1 IP Setting = and ISP gateway and ISP DNS (OK

4. Firewall access rule add

    - allow any DMZ -> WAN1 (OK)

5. Port Connect: LAN4-Windows server 2019 NIC #1



1. Windows server 2019  cmd-ipconfig

   - Case 1: Multiple ip (, 169.x.x.x)

   - Case 2: preferred and gateway, dns what I wanted.

2. PING to 

   - from external / other office / other ISP's PUBLIC IP (OK)

   - from my VLAN1 (OK)

3. PING from windows server 2019

   - to

   - to my vlan - NO (it is nomal)


I want to know detail of your solved method of dns chajge !

Thank you



Check ICMP state on RV340 and Windows Firewall config.

Allow inbound and outbound for ping test.