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RV340W/rv345: Why can't these things properly update???

Just venting a little frustration here but also looking for input.  Moments ago I was on the phone with a new client, a busy retail spot, and they have an RV340W.  To address some issues related to trying to hook up a an IP camera, we connected to the router on the LAN side.  Logged in, it prompted for a firmware update.  I figured no biggie let's do that.  Did so, am presented with a login page as expected, but now it will not take the user/password.  Also the Internet is down, so it won't connect through the bridge-mod ISP modem.  


Thinking perhaps the dumb firmware caused a reset of settings (we did not click the checkmark for this so it should not have...), I'm trying default cisco/cisco, and that also does not work.  Not sure what we're going to do because right now it seems the router needs to be smashed with a hammer.  Which I will do soon enough (no joke).  


I've had plenty of RV340/345 routers where updates went fine, but more than one have also had problems doing the update, as though the engineering were just really poor on these things.  


lol so anyway, anyone else find the firmware update process less than perfect?  And did cisco/cisco change to something else on the new firmware version?