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RV345 : copy configuration on a new RV345




I have bought a cisco RV345 in 08/2017.

I put it in production.

I have bought a new cisco RV345 in 02/2018.

I want to copy the configuration from the old to the new.

I have an error : "configure have error. Please check again."

What's wrong ?

What is the good method to do it ?


I use firmware on the two RV345.

I use signature on the two RV345.

I backup the config from the one.

I put the confing on the second.

I Have an error.

I have to restart the router after the error.


best regards

1 Accepted Solution

Accepted Solutions



2 solutions :

a) configure windows to open XML file with Notepad

 make the restore of config file

 ignore error


b) use an usb key to make the restore of config file


Bests regards.

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Luis Gradyz
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi csegonds,


It seems like the configuration file is corrupted thus the new router is not accepting it. I recommend you to try and download the configuration from a PC with the AV/firewall disabled using Google Chrome or Firefox.


If the issue persist please feel free to open a new case with TAC by calling at your local number as shown here:



I use Firefox. I tested with Google Chrome, it's the same problem.


"Configure have error. Please check again".


I will try to open a TAC.





2 solutions :

a) configure windows to open XML file with Notepad

 make the restore of config file

 ignore error


b) use an usb key to make the restore of config file


Bests regards.

A D'Auria

Slightly more detail would be welcome in the solution.  I find myself maintaining a number of these routers and up to now I have not been able to backup a configuration from one device and restore it to another. This makes replacing a failed router a time consuming endeavor. 


If there is a proper way to copy a config from one router to another, please let me know.





All routers must have the same firmware.


Plug a USB key on the router, with the web interface, backup the config file to the USB key


On the new router, plug the usb key,  with the web interface, restore the config file from the USB Key, unplug the key, reboot


Best regard

Thanks for the quick response.  I remember having tried that with an earlier firmware and it did not work for me.  After reading through numerous forums and docs, found this to work for me....


If you copy the firmware and/or configuration to a USB stick and precisely name the file(s), you can force an upgrade/config load by resetting the router to factory defaults with the USB stick in the router.


Firmware: RV345P-K9-SERIALNMR.img

Config: RV345P-K9-SERIALNMR.xml


Where "RV345P-K9" is the PID (without the version number) found on the bottom of the router or in the WebGUI and

"SERIALNMR" is the S/N also from the bottom of the router or the WebGUI.


Rebooting the router to factory defaults can be done via the GUI or by holding in the reset button with the paperclip for more than 10 seconds - remember to have the USB stick already in the router before you reset it.


The router will reboot and, if necessary, upgrade the firmware and reboot and then load the configuration.


Whether this will work for a major configuration update I do not know. What I mean is, if you were to attempt to go from> would likely not work because of the format change in the XML file.  Preparing a new config on a router already running the firmware would then likely be necessary.






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