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RV345 Firmware update issue

Hi to all, 

I just update my RV345 router to the latest firmware. After that, the firmware update icon continue blinking with a warning message "Download firmware fail. Please try it again later."

I checked the firmware version and all is fine, but the signature file is wrong. I've tried to update, but an alert popup "

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Clear the browser caches or try another browser and confirm ?


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That's not working. It's not a browser cache issue.

Not working. This is my first solution, but nothing changed.
Rafael Medina

I'm also affected.



We are seeing the same thing. 



My RV340 updated, fine, and I've rebooted twice, thinking I'd get the darn blinking-warning to go away.


Oddly though, my signature (updated on 4/18/19) is v., whereas the router admin page code "thinks" the latest on Cisco is

I'm not sure what to do about the "downlevel signature" issue, I've tried to "roll back" to the version on the admin page, but it gets blocked (maybe I'll test again, later, for exact error verbiage, when I want to reboot it).

It's odd to me, too, why the download support site for the RV340 has the older version, no 2.x... 

Mine updated web-direct, from


Do I just need to backup/full-reset, and "force the old signature" file back, and then turn off the check for the 2.x one, does anyone know?

This seems like an incredibly blatant (i.e. core test-case) error on the Cisco side, if that's true?


@gino0o0o I notice you've got the same deal, with your signature version, in your pic.

I've tried several time, both from and via USB connected device. Nothing. I've tried in 2 routers and I have the same issue on both.


We have to wait a Cisco solution for this issue.

I have the blinking/flashing exclamation mark too, with the 'Download firmware fail. Please try it again later' message.cisco1.png


No new info provided by Cisco, and no workarounds. The problem is still here.


This could be a Technical Support issue. Pleaes contact the Technical Support line in your region.



@Glenn Martin wrote:

This could be a Technical Support issue. Pleaes contact the Technical Support line in your region.



@Glenn Martin I sort of doubt it, I cannot get rid of the "firmware update" blinking-icon, even if I do a factory-reset, and others have posted above, about the same.

Has anyone at Cisco even *tried* to repro this?

Is there a "test implementation" of the RV340, with the current firmware available, for public use?


I'm using my RV340 in a residential environment, so the commercial support-contract route is impractical for me, cost-wise, or I'd file a ticket here...

It's an awesome router, no question, feature-wise and in terms of performance/stability, but this icon thing is REALLY annoying, after awhile (several weeks now).


Your response is very appreciated, thanks,



Jo Kern
Cisco Employee



regardless if you use the router privately or commercially, regardless if you are an end customer or a Cisco partner you can contact Cisco Support for the RV345 if you face technical issues. It comes with one year of tech support and lifetime hardware warranty.

For the issue reported here is that there is a sw bug where after upgrading the firmware a system file where the running version is compared is locked in the router so the new sw version number cannot be written to this file.

The sw is running but the version checking tool believes it is still running the old version. This is a recognise sw bug and will be fixed.



how does one contact support ? i've been browsing through and searching for a half an hour already and cant find any way to contact support about this ?


very frustrating.

In the Quick Start Guide that comes with the unit is a link to Support for "small business" no contract required. There is a link for phone support. Small Business TAC
Technical Support for Small Business
1 866 606 1866
By phone or chat, Small Business TAC engineers are certified to CCNA and beyond to address the technical needs of small businesses.
Support is free for products under service contract or warranty. Support for out-of-warranty products may incur a fee.

I found that by downloading the firmware to the router again after the upgrade using the "From PC" instead of "From Cisco" it get rid of the warning. Still has WiFI issues where I still need to power cycled the unit at least once a week.