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RV345 How to set up VPN on the router with VLANs implemented


My setup is as follows

On the RV345 I have two VLANS

VLAN5 : Management VLAN. IP-address of RV345 is in this scope (  VLAN5 is only used for management.

VLAN6 : User VLAN for printers, PC, Iphones, NAS and other normal stuff

There is no InterVLAN routing between the two VLANS


I want to use Anyconnect to establish a VPN from a remote Android phone to VLAN6.

Eg. I want to set up the VPN in order for the remote Android to be able to reach the systems in VLAN6 and non of the systems in VLAN5

Additionnally the remote Android must be able to access the internet through VLAN6 where some specific firewall rules are in force.


How do I set this up in the RV345 ?

In the VPN->SSL-VPN setup page which IP-address must I set up in the field 'Client address pool' ? or a scope that is not in use like

In the SSLVPN policy which gateway must I set ? or


To sum it all up

Must the 'Client address pool' be within the VLAN6 scope with proper netmasks implemented to guarantees no overlapping IP-addresses


Must the 'Client address pool' be outside of the VLAN6 scope ? How can I then make shure the VPN client reaches VLAN6 ?



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