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RV345 Inter-VLAN Routing issue

Hello All


New to VLANs so unsure if I am configuring things wrong or if there is a bug with the RV345 so any help is appreciated!


I have a Cisco RV345 router with the latest firmware ( ) and two VLANs configured:


VLAN1       Serving DHCP

VLAN2      Not serving DHCP


Both VLANs have Inter-VLAN Routing Enabled, all VLANs to port assignments are default (VLAN 1 Untagged all ports, VLAN2 Tagged all ports). 


I have two machines:


MachineA     via DHCP

MachineB   hardcoded


I get the following behavior:


Both machines can ping the RV345 at AND

Neither machine can ping each other, by hostname or IP

Both machines have firewall turned off for testing purposes

Both machines can ping eachother if they pull an IP via DHCP from VLAN1.


I thought that having Inter-VLAN Routing Enabled for both VLANs would allow traffic to flow between the two VLANs but that doesn't seem to be the case? Any help is appreciated.


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Re: RV345 Inter-VLAN Routing issue


I'll try and help here. Just a couple of things I noticed.

1) The machine with the IP address for VLAN 2 should be connected to a network port on the RV345 where VLAN 2 is set as _Untagged_.  (Unless the machine tags itself with Vlan 2 - some servers can do this)

2) Regarding being able to ping the router, it's not unusual for the router to respond to pings for any configured IP address it has.

Be sure that the Gateway address is set properly on each of your end devices (and in your DHCP scope) for Vlan 1 for Vlan 2