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RV345 site-to-site with remote FQDN does not work

I have a new RV345 which I updated to right after initial setup.  It is replacing an RV320.  I have a site-to-site VPN that was working perfectly between the 2 RV320s (one here, one remote).  I can only get the VPN tunnel to work if I specify the Remote Identifier Type as Remote WAN IP and specify a fixed IP address.  If I set the Remote Identifier type to Remote FQDN and specify the name of the remote site it fails to connect.


My problem is that both ends of the VPN tunnel use dynamic IP address.


This works fine with the RV320s but they have become unstable since the last firmware update and they are now EOL.


Any suggestions would be helpful.

Cisco Employee

Re: RV345 site-to-site with remote FQDN does not work

Hi Gerry,

It is recommended to use the static public IP address on the WAN interface of the Router for the site-to-site VPN purpose.

Please cross verify the “Local Identifier” and “Remote Identifier” on both the router. “Local Identifier” should match the “Remote Identifier” of the opposite side router and vice versa. “Local Identifier Type” will be ‘Local FQDN’ and “Remote Identifier Type” will be ‘Remote FQDN’.