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RV345P & SIP

In order for my VoIP to work, I have to have the SIP Gateway checked under the Firewall tab. However, if I make ANY change to the router's configuration, I then have problems with the phones. We can hear the person calling in, but they can't hear us. From what I understand, that's the exact opposite of a normal SIP issue. However, unchecking SIP Gateway, clicking Apply, checking SIP Gateway, and again clicking Apply (i.e. disable then re-enable SIP Gateway) solves the problem every time. I just updated to v1.0.03.18 of the router's firmware and the problem still exists. It's easy enough to work around, if I make ANY change, cycle the SIP Gateway [the problem is REMEMBER to cycle the SIP Gateway :-)], but that seems to be a bit ridiculous.

This time, the change was the update to the xx.18 firmware last night. The unit rebooted, as it should have after the update, but this morning, the phone problem described above was back. Cycling the SIP Gateway solved the problem, as usual.


OH. MY. GOD. FWIW thanks for going through this so at least I didn't have to, for more than a few mins at least.  Was going nuts trying to figure out why this new RV345 didn't seem to be passing through SIP for text messages (because of course we've been configuring for a few days). Sure enough, even on firmware, still the same behavior, toggling the SIP checkbox and saving does the trick. So for anything SIP-related not working? still the case.

I might also add another bug still current in this firmware is just about ANY change instantly breaking any RDP sessions active through the 345 (WAN or otherwise); sure they reconnect after like 10 secs, but when you have to make several changes through the web GUI while in an RDP session to do so, AND then having to toggle SIP at the end it adds time and annoyance to any management ops.