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RV345P - PPTP and L2TP clients can't authenticate to local db

Hi everyone,


I am having VPN connection issues on Cisco RV345P VPN router. I am trying to setup Windows 10/7 clients to connect to this RV345P router via PPTP or L2TP; no matter is I try PAP, CHAP and CHAP2, I am having same issue. However, I am getting following error logs at below,


2019-Nov-24, 14:20:43 MST warning vpn pptp: Peer vpnuser failed CHAP authentication
2019-Nov-24, 14:20:43 MST error vpn pptp: RADIUS: Can't read config file /etc/radiusclient/radiusclient.conf
2019-Nov-24, 14:20:43 MST error vpn pptp: rc_read_config: can't open /etc/radiusclient/radiusclient.conf: No such file or directory




Even after I have upgraded to the last Firmware:, the problem still exists. After I searched in Cisco knowledge base, I found this is a Cisco bug since Firmware I will assume this issue should be long fixed by now but looks like it's not.

The blow URL is Cisco Bug Search Result about this issue.


By the way, in the router portal, under "System Configuration" -> "User Accounts" -> "Service Auth Sequence", 

I already set PPTP and L2TP to authenticate with "Local DB", but still having issue.


Please help! Thank you in advance!