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RVFF325 Many to One / Dynamic NAT not possible?

I have purchased the RV325 to provide an IPSec VPN connection at a client location. The VPN connection however requires a Many to One NAT configuration or Dynamic NAT to be associated with the VPN connection. Is this not possible in this router? I only see the option to allow a One To One NAT to be configured.




You are right, this router only supports the One to One NAT feature, but I'm a little confused, the ONe to One NAT feature and VPN are completely independent, if you are using VPN then you are not using One to ONe NAT, so I'm not sure how the VPN is relevant, which leads me to believe that I may not have understood the question or I'm missing something.

If the question is in fact related to the VPN then please explain the end goal a little better to see if there is anything else that can be done to get it to work.

I need to be able to create a IPSec tunnel and have all the outgoing traffic appear to be single address. It is for a doctor's office which requires secure access to information stored elsewhere. The explaination I received re the dynamic NATTING is that it is required so that

"The service was built so external 3rd party clinics would appear as a single address each. The service was built so external 3rd party clinics would appear as a single address each."


It looks like you want RV325 to NAT the outgoing traffic (to a single IP address) before sending it to the VPN tunnel, right? Unfortunately it's not supported. RV325 can either NAT the traffic and send out of WAN port, or send the traffic to the VPN tunnel directly without NAT, but cannot do both sequentially.

You can add another NAT device (e.g. a simple consumer router) or a proxy behind RV325 to solve the problem.


Bingo. The problem is that I only want to perform Dynamic NAT or Many-To-One NAT on traffic bound to one particular destination.


Do any of your Small Business routers have this Dynamic NAT capability?

No, the RV series are all like RV325. They can do Dynamic NAT or Many-To-One NAT on traffic and send to WAN (access Internet), but cannot do NAT and send to VPN tunnel (access the internal network of the VPN peer).


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