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Frank Papa

RVS 4000 and Windows 7?

I regularly use the Quick VPN software to connect to a couple of RVS 4000 routers via Windows 7.  The other day, I was connected, and for no apparent reason, I was disconnected.  After which, I could never connect again via Windows 7.  The Quick VPN software appears to only work within Windows XP.  In Windows 7, it never gets past "verifying network", and after hanging there for a minute, it tells me that the gateway is not responding, would I like to wait.

Nothing changed.  This happened while I was using the software.

I've noticed that there have always been problems getting this software to work in Windows 7, and Cisco provides no support.  Do I have any other options other than returning the routers, and buying a better brand? 



Generally Windows 7 will block the ICMP Echo Reply back from the router which is the last step of the verifying network process. We have to create a ICMP allow rule on the Windows Firewall to allow this trough on our lab. Sometimes a thired party anti-virus or windows defender will remove this rule and we will have to rebuild it.

Hope this helps.

Cisco Small Business Support Center

Randy Manthey

CCNA, CCNA - Security

Thanks for a polite response to my angry rant.

But yes, I've gone through all of the discussions, and tried all of the various suggestions (including turning off my firewall altogether), and like most of the discussions, nothing I've tried seems to work.

The weird thing is, I had the exact same results when I first bought the routers, but then I found out that if I had Chrome open at the same time, it wouldn't connect.  Close Chrome (yes, the web browser), and Quick VPN connects fine.  Bizarre, but true.  I've been working this way for the better part of a year.  Of course, I did the same thing, and as of yesterday, nothing.  Quick VPN just hangs at verifying network on my Windows 7 boxes.  Works fine with XP.