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RVS 4000 issues with VOIP signal clarity

                   Hi folks,

I have a RVS 4000 with a SPA3102 connected directly toPort 4.

All LAN ports are setup as Trust Mode.

The Default Cos / Port is:

Port     TrustMode     Default

1               Port               4

2               Port               4

3               Port               4

4               Port               1

Prior to this they were all set at 4 and the voice quality was horrible.

Now that I have set Port4 to QoS 1 the voice quality of the caller is perfect.

The voice quality of our speech here is broken up.

( It's better than it was, was still not good enough to understand )

I have searched for documents explaining how to setup the SPA3102 ATA and made all kinds of changes there.

What has changed ???

I had a Linksys WRT160N there before and voice quality was perfect all the time with zero QoS configured.

I've now retired that device and introduced the RVS4000, with poorer performance.

Is there documentation some where that describes the best config for VOIP services over this Router ?


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RVS 4000 issues with VOIP signal clarity

Hi Derek my name is Johnnatan and I am part of the Small business Support community, your case involves multiple devices and QoS features, you can contact us to open you a case and get a better help.

I hope you find this answer useful,


Johnnatan Rodriguez Miranda.

Cisco network support engineer.

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RVS 4000 issues with VOIP signal clarity

Hi Derek, to add to Jonathan's post, please disable the IPS on the RVS4000.

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RVS 4000 issues with VOIP signal clarity

Hi Thomas !

Thanks so much for jumping in.

Yes, the IPS has been disabled all along.

No change.