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RVS4000 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN not updating wan dhcp

Hello, Everyone

This is my 3rd RVS4000 4-Port Gigabit Security Router with VPN that i have got replaced in a month and i like to know if there is a fix out there. Every other day i need to go in to the router and reboot it as it will not update the WAN DHCP lease from my ISP.

Please Advice

Thank you,

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David Carr
Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Mr. Venditta,

What model of modem do you have and who is the provider?

Have you tried a different modem or had them extend the lease timers on the modem?

The new Cable modem is a Cisco DCP3010 as i asked them to replace the first one too it was a WebStar and we still have the same Issues it will not update the WAN DHCP IP as this is provided by Cox Communications.

We also found yesterday (Tech from Cox came out to check) out that the speed of the Router is degreased by more than 50% we did a simple speed test and i was getting around 17meg down as the previous as for the old one (Linksys wrt54gs v4) we replaced it with was 40meg (yes 40meg) as I pay for the speed. You ask why we replaced it with because the old one was so limited with blocking certain websites at certain times. I really wished you would have a new firmware for it.

Anyway now we have the RVS4000. I done some research online and there were several people who had problems losing their WAN IP in DHCP mode?

Any Idea what could cause this? Please advice,


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